1. R

    Increase resolution and smoothe image edges

    I am attempting to make some new business cards and this logo is embroidered on my shirts and thought that would be a nice touch if they matched. When I go to vista print the image (logo) looks very poor quality and blurry. is there a way to make this more smoothe and finished looking. I...
  2. B

    Can someone make youtube banner and logo?

    Hi Im a Swedish youtuber who just started out today. Im really bad at graphic designs so i was wondering if anyone could make a banner and logo for me
  3. M

    Clup logo request

    Hello guys, We formed a club called entrepreneurship club. we need a logo but we couldnt find a designer so we need your help :/ . for a design, you know what is the entrepreneur and logo needs be related to the topic. I'm caught between two designs; first one is a minimalist, second is a logo...
  4. S

    Quick edit of a logo

    Tricky edit of a logo Hi wonderful gurus Could some please take the Five out, and replace it with the word FIVES. In a similar type of font, centered and slightly curved? Many thanks in advance
  5. S

    Need Tutorial for Rings as attached Picture

    HI, I would like to make logos. How to make Ring like attached LOGO can any one give me tutorial for that Ring...
  6. H

    Help with a Logo for a Business Card - Dog Grooming Project

    Hi, Me and my partner are starting our own dog grooming business in New Zealand, and we would like your help, please. We have an idea for a Logo on a business card: two silver fern feathers, NZ feather symbol, and in the midst of them an Afghan Hound dog cartoon. I have attached a similar...
  7. fabbi94

    Design for logo and business card - for a StartUp

    Dear all, we are a StartUp from Germany and we like to start our business next month. To do this we need a logo and business cards who looks brilliant. :) To cut a long story short, we need a logo with our company name (first word in green second in grey or another correlating color) and a...
  8. B

    Blowing up images

    Hi all, New here, need some advice as a total newbie. I'm designing some charity posters for my mum and I have a logo that is going to be blown up to about 100cmx100cm when the logo is blown up the inner section is well defined but the outer areas pixelate - the file is already as high-res as...
  9. N

    change the Color of a Logo

    Hello Guys... Can someone help me please? I want to change the Color of this Logo Can some one Replace the Black Color with Yellow Color , and The White Color with Red Color Please?? so I want to change the color of this Logo from Black and White To Yellow and Red Black ==> Yellow White ==>...
  10. M

    Please edit Nightwing Cover Redesign

    Hi, I was wondering if i could get someone to modify this cover of the Nightwing Comic Book Issue. So I was hoping to have the top with all the text removed only keeping the Batman/Nightwing Logo and also the circled "DC". Basically no more "Rebirth" and "1" Secondly I would like the text at...
  11. J

    Suggestions on Logo

    I am creating a logo for my engineering team at my highschool. Our team name is Ninoxide. This is based on Ninox which is latin for a type of owl. The owl part of my logo looks ok but I feel like it is missing something. Could someone please help? Thank you .
  12. C

    Logo Design: KIP Moto - Motorcycle component company

    Hi Photoshop Guru's! Chris here with KIP Moto. We are a company in our infancy but we are looking to spice things up with a logo to go along with our company. What is KIP Moto: KIP Moto is in the business of making Dual Sport/Motorcycle related products. Our feature product is a tow behind...
  13. J

    hello logo and cover photo needed

    hello i am opening a store called empire vape selling e juices and i need a logo and cover photo to draw the attention of customers i want some thing that will smack them in the face ( not literally ) and attract them to my company, i need a photo which would be the logo i was thinking along the...
  14. C

    Rebound Apple Logo (Golden Ratio).

    Hey Gurus, so I done some research on the Iconic Apple logo and the usage of the golden ratio, here's the article I read.. https://www.quora.com/Apple-company/Does-the-Apple-logo-really-adhere-to-the-golden-ratio/answer/David-Cole Seems the theory wasn't used so I decided to do a version where...
  15. T

    Logo Edit!

    Hi i need to use this logo for paperwork. I need all of the words & number removed, and the logo solid black. Please and thanks!
  16. L

    Please can somebody edit my logo?

    Hello and thank you for reading this post. My i have recently started an e-commerce site and im here to ask for an edit on my Logo. Im new to Photoshop and slowly learning the basics. What i am here to ask for is to edit my Logo with a Frankenstein/Halloween theme to it. would be hugely...
  17. agentmoeller


    Was coming back from a MTB ride yesterday and I pulled up alongside this truck. Took me a couple seconds to realize I designed this logo!
  18. D

    Question about logo and deleting a background from a logo

    Hello to all! I'm a newbie to Photoshop and I am making a logo, but if I post it on a site, it still has a square white background. Logo looks like this: Now, I would like to remove the white square around the logo. Thank you for your answers.
  19. R

    I need a new clan logo

    Hi guys we are looking for somebody with all the Photoshop skills to make us a fancy new clan logo if possible. we need some sort of a logo or icon with the letters EQ or the name eQuilibrium in it. EQ is a Free online gaming clan/team (we don't charge anyone to me a member) we are in badly...
  20. P

    Logo edit?

    Hey first time user here. I do not personally have photoshop so thats why I am asking you guys. This is a logo made by a professional logo designer. It is not a logo that is used in any business or with any money involved, but it means a lot to me. In my opinion the logo looks great, but it...