1. R

    [REQUEST] Need a logo for my clothing line

    Need a nice logo for my clothing line 'Real Black Mood' I will be very happy if someone makes a nice logo for me! Here are all the details: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17lIjygfEqX9NA5EU23jCebVXpMCeMGQaPdZJIbD4M6g/edit
  2. E

    Logo - Russ

    In Norway there is a special tradition for High School graduation; all the graduates form groups and each group buy themselves a van that they drive around in during the last four weeks or so of school. Each van have their own unique name/concept. Me and my friends need a logo for our van...
  3. Taylor Ott

    editing/refining logo

    I have this logo I need to be fixed up. I tried doing it myself in photoshop but my Mac charger broke. :-( I just now have the image I took off my phone of the image in photoshop lol. If there's any dope pros out there that can crop the logo out solo, then refine the outside edges and make it...
  4. B

    outline effect

    Im not even sure what to call this effect...but my church has asked me to do this as a logo for our church....the example is the purple logo? i also have 2 pics of the church...not sure which one to use for the logo...any help will be appreciated...I'm limited in my ability...
  5. A

    How to make this logo

    Hi, How can I make this logo? I try to make the lines but It's hard to me.
  6. N

    Change The color of a Logo

    Hello every one.... Can someone help me Please? I wnat to replace the White color in this logo to Black one and the Black Color to White..... but please Use the same White color in this picture (a little bit silver) Thank U.
  7. F

    Fantastic Beasts Logo

    Hi! I’m currently looking for some help with the „Fantastic Beasts“ title. I’d like to photoshop this so it says „Fantastic Breasts“ instead, whereas the rest of the logo stays the same. Would be nice if you could also make sure that the words are still centered you inserted the „R". I’d like...
  8. Inkz

    Beard Club Logo

    So my friends at SWBC asked me to redo their logo to something more modern. So here's what I came up with. Reference Image I used to get the basic shapes. Logo completed for white BG Logo for a dark BG Logo with a distressed look to it Thanks for your time to look...
  9. L

    Need help changing this logo

    Wondering if anyone can change this logo to say BISCUITS. Cheers!
  10. Inkz

    WIP eSport Angry Panda Logo

    Hello to you all and Happy New Year.. Been working on this eSport logo for a dude I know. I love Pandas and love them for there cute and cuddliness lol. However, I need to make him look angry and what not lol. Do you think I'm heading in the right direction?
  11. F

    Logo request

    Good morning guys, I'm new here and i need some help on this one : I would like to change the "Giants" on this logo to "Plante". Your help would be reaaaaaally appreciated ! Thank you !
  12. H

    Please I need this logo

    Can someone make this logo that I draw
  13. D

    Natty Ice Logo

    Could somebody please edit the text in this logo?? I want it to say "Cape" instead of natural and "2017 instead of ice. This is probably a tough request. :thumbsup:
  14. Inkz

    Logo Grid Construct || Owl Vision

    Hey guy's Here's is a logo I designed not so long ago called Owl Vision. Again using basic geometry and a good usage of grids and circular grids to construct a simple logo design. The visual representation is pretty obvious with the owl's face and the V (for vision) where the eyes would be...
  15. B

    Can somebody help me please

    Could you please help re design this logo, we have tried to design a logo for a business idea however as a Photoshop novice's, it hasn't worked as planned. we would like the writing (body arkitect sculpt success) and the stars to be central and not touch the lines. We would like central...
  16. K

    Help with charity logo.

    I'm in the process of building a website for my friend's charity. Could someone please help me by sharpening the logo and changing the color of the font to #3D9BE9 and finally turn it into a png. Thanks so much in advance.
  17. N

    Help with logo

    Hello everyone, I'm working on building a website for a friend and I haven't used Photoshop in a while so I'm struggling in making her logo more attractive. The company is an education centre for horses, it is important to keep the name "la Biardiere" in the logo, other than that, I have no...
  18. P

    Need Clan Logo, Help?

    123 delete this please
  19. R

    logo edit

    Hi Guys Can anyone please help me with this logo. Just need to adjust edges of the two letter need to be smoother than now. The logo is r S. but the edges of each letter are looked like pixelated need to get that fixed. Rahul
  20. S

    Illustrator modernise Logo to 3d

    Hy, i have some practice with Photoshop but im new at Illustrator. I would like to modernise my old Photoshop Logo to a 3D Vectorlogo. Old versions: I already did it convert to Vectors, maybee not very profesional, but it looks quit good. About the position from logo and Text, im not...