1. V

    Gang/Clan logo.

    Hello there my name is VesTas and i have a clan/gang and i need a logo maybe a better or just a new one, i really need a good one but not to fancy one.Here is my clan logo. My clan's logo My clan/gang full name is Public Enemies and tag PE, so if you're inspired to do one please, DO IT (You get...
  2. C

    Pick 'N Chew Burger Logo Concept

    Done this fun logo with all the PokémonGo hype just for giggles.
  3. H

    Photoshop request

    Hello everyone! My first post here, I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to post the logo below onto the side of the car (on the door), and then add the telephone number (zero two zero three five four four four two eight one) on the rear wing in black - in number format. I realise...
  4. H

    Any help appreciated.Logo for school

    Trying to change the word kings in this logo to "Nerd" and the word Sacramento to "Beat It" Hope this is not too much to help. My fellow teachers and I are joining a basketball league and want to make some jerseys. Any help is appreciated and thank you so much!!!
  5. A

    HELP!!!Change PNG logo colour to white. Thanks! :)

    Hi, Can someone change the colour of my logo to white please? I have attached it to this posting. Thank you very much in advance :) :cheesygrin::cheesygrin::cheesygrin:
  6. H

    Do you think that the company name on the logo is too long?

    Hey! I tried to make a logo for appliance repair website . I am new to designing and have no prior knowledge of it. I was wondering if you can give me some advice on how to improve the logo. Thank you!
  7. K

    Can you help me edit this logo

    Hey, can anyone help me change the background of this logo to white, red, blue, green, purple and pink?
  8. D

    Can this be done

    Hi All - I'm not exactly a newbie but I'm not great with Photoshop either. I've never gotten the real time it takes to sit down and work with it over and over until it becomes the normal way of doing things. Just scanty projects where I have to sit down for hours and hours doing research...
  9. A

    Logo gamer clan

    Hi, i recently meet i guy who need a logo for his gamer clan, i explain to him that i am not and expert on making logos, i just start to learn illustrator on my own, but he didn't care so i tried... he wanted the name of the clan and the colors black and red, no more info XD I did this, as i...
  10. U

    Need a upgrade of existing logo

    I need a upgrade of our already existing logo, and to add some other graphic content aswell, in the black free area. our company is related to tuning cars and workshop. so something with that would be good. also many something to give more life to the writings itself aswell i would like to have...
  11. J

    Need someone to make professional logo and header for a youtube

    Hello every one so i want someone to make pretty logo for my youtube chanel and i am arabic gamer girl so i want it to be littel bit bad ass and in the same time cute my youtube chanel name is : Joie DL3
  12. H

    Additional Logo from our main logo hellofund.org

    I was wondering if anyone would be willing to create an additional logo for our foundation. Something using the initials JJHF and incorporating the logo provided in some way. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. C

    Looking for a new logo design

    Hi all, I made a simple logo a little while back, http://www.facebook.com/h2fabrications but it is time to move on up. I am really looking for something new that represents what we do a bit better. Business Background: We do 3D printing primary and would like this to be seen in the logo...
  14. J

    Logo creation

    Hello all, Forum newbie. Photoshop clueless. I would like to recreate this logo but with editing ability. As follows: 1. Ability to change the text 2. Transparent background 3. Ability to change the RED color. 4. Turn the shading on and off. Does that make sense? Please quote, make...
  15. L

    Redo or Photoshop our logo

    Hi all you gurus! We have small association in Finland called suomen jättikasvisyhdistys (Finnish gianvegetables association) our page is there www.jattikasvisyhdistys.fi We are going to do giant banner ( about 2x3 m 6.5x10 ft) and our logo is very messy. Originally is lost somewhere:( As you...
  16. B

    Need help making backgrounds

    I want to make some iPhone backgrounds for my phone. I really like how this Chiefs logo has been "printed" on the wood. I was wondering if someone could put these logos on the this wood background like the Chiefs picture. Only if you can slide the logo down towards the bottom more. I don't want...
  17. C

    Your Ideas for a logo of mine

    I'm moving my company to a new domain as well as expanding into different areas. I dont need help on creating a whole logo itself since I am proficient with Photoshop, I just would like to collaborate on ideas that would spring up to mind when you think of it. My company creates backlit decor...
  18. G

    Help in logo making

    Hie one of my client asked me to make a logo for small business he is opening after a hardship but my photoshop skills are not that great..so just needed a your little bit of time if you can help him..i am feeling bad for him because i cannot help him in this case :( because of less skills...
  19. agentmoeller

    possible new logo

    Was tinkering with a logo for someone who sells reptiles. The business name starts with 'R.' Agent
  20. L

    car logo swap

    hey, i really like this logo but id like it more with a different car. if someone could swap it with a bugatti chiron or ferrari f50 i would really appreciate it. also improving the quality is greatly appreciated. thank you so much in advance!