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Help in logo making

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Hie one of my client asked me to make a logo for small business he is opening after a hardship but my photoshop skills are not that great..so just needed a your little bit of time if you can help him..i am feeling bad for him because i cannot help him in this case :( because of less skills.. hope u can put your creative efforts in it..thanks..he started a business of SPICES by the name
(Shree ram khadi gramodyog bhandar)..hope ...can help him with company logo..
Thank you for replying...i.know its much to ask for...my profession is into sales ..its not a project for me.... i can decline anytime ... its just a help thats it...anywaz thanks god bless :)
...my profession is into sales ..its not a project for me....
The Free Photoshop Request area is not for logos. Most logos are for business's that make money. Requests for business logos should be in the Fee for service area.

Since this is not your business and it's not for you, I'm going to close this thread. Your friend is certainly welcome to come and request a logo.
Not open for further replies.