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  1. Clippingworld

    New participant! wants to learn more about design technology.

    Hi, I am a graphic designer. I have started a graphic design business recently. Facing lots of problems initially but right now it's on track. Although, I am a businessman now, my main goal is to learn more about photoshop and its latest technology.
  2. K

    Looking for Designers for My Startup

    Hello, i am working on a CryptoCurrency Startup, and i need to make people understand the awesomeness of my concept good pictures and explanations. Since Cryptocurrencies are currently booming this business is very lucrative and i offer membership in our team if you are a talented designer...
  3. B

    Illustrator Can you create flyers and business cards in illustrator?

    Can you create flyers and business cards in illustrator? or do you need photoshop for that?
  4. Azulnauta

    Brainstorm on a logo using an hourglass

    Friends I need your help to finally start making or delegate the creation of a new logo for my wife business. This business is almost 3 years old and is growing great, but the logo is so unprofessional and primary :\ This is the actual logo I made : The intention is to use the...
  5. BenceDusa

    Business Card

    Hello guys! ;) This is my second work in Photoshop. I create a very simple business card, using a tutorial +some of my idea on it. What you think about? :)
  6. fabbi94

    Design for logo and business card - for a StartUp

    Dear all, we are a StartUp from Germany and we like to start our business next month. To do this we need a logo and business cards who looks brilliant. :) To cut a long story short, we need a logo with our company name (first word in green second in grey or another correlating color) and a...
  7. A

    Photoshop business pictures (Amazon/Ebay)

    work finished! close thread.
  8. J

    Can anyone take the background out and make this into a cosplay business card?

    I know this image isn't the highest quality, but my GF just does cosplay for fun. She has recently gotten more and more popular and wants to give out business cards with her social media information. Could you maybe take out the background and just have her on the business card, maybe in the...
  9. A

    Hi Everyone || Andy

    Hi hows it going everyone, my name is Andy I'm 26 years old and from Memphis, Tennessee. I have been using photoshop as a hobby since I was was a teenager, here recently I've decided I love it so it's time to do something with it. I have come here to collect ideas, learn, and meet with others...
  10. G

    Help in logo making

    Hie one of my client asked me to make a logo for small business he is opening after a hardship but my photoshop skills are not that just needed a your little bit of time if you can help him..i am feeling bad for him because i cannot help him in this case :( because of less skills...
  11. agentmoeller

    possible new logo

    Was tinkering with a logo for someone who sells reptiles. The business name starts with 'R.' Agent
  12. 6

    Photoshop Request to Make Picture More "Professional"

    Could someone photoshop either of these images to look more professional? I'd like there to be no headphones visible, a more plain background, and the shirt to be just plain black or white. I have two image options in case the one with the hand is too difficult to photoshop. Thank you so so...
  13. B

    Hello, It's me!

    Hello from the other side! Old time photoshoper here with skillz. I enjoy using photo shop to create all types of graphics for business profits and personal enjoyment. Business: Billboards, Flyers, CD Covers, Physical Book Covers, Kindle Covers, Table Tents, Vehicle wraps, Signs, Logo...
  14. C

    Business Card Design! $50 Paypal

    Hello, I'm in need of a new business card design. I have a reference image of a card that I basically want replicated with my info. It will need to be sized to fit a standard business card with rounded corners, just like in the photo. Instead of the initials as the logo, I would like to do a...
  15. benftaylor

    Logo Request

    Hey all! My mum just started to do home visits, im primarily a web designer so ive started creating a website for her. Anyway she needs a logo for the website, and for the new business cards etc. its a reflexology business called; Feetspeak for those that dont know, reflexology is a massage...
  16. D

    Redesign of existing design

    I am working on getting my business more clients/leads and theres one small problem im having. How to take my business card design and put it into a design where it would look good for a cargo trailer decal and back side of company shirts. Is there anyone that would like to take a shot at it...
  17. W

    How to convert a photohop logo to coreldraw

    Hello, I made a logo in photoshop and I want to print some business card But the business card manufacturer said me that you need that logo in coreldraw means .cdr file. How should i do it ? I am new in coredraw Disigning the same logo in corel draw is too tough for me + i am looking for...
  18. K

    View actual size of business card on screen

    I'm trying to make a business card. Here is what I'm seeing on my screen and here is what that same thing looks like when I print it out on my printer The problem is, I feel like I'm not really sure how much I can type...
  19. KerryEmery

    Newbie but oldie.

    Hi all, I'm retired - and have the luxury finally of yet once again pursuing my dream of doing what I love. I've been in and out of photography for the past 50 years. I'm now going after the large format landscape sector primarily. Using a Nikon D800 primarily, an Epson 2890 and a macbook pro...
  20. CyborgAngel

    Cyborg Angel

    Hi, Name is Isaiah. I am a self taught graphic designer who has been in the industry for over 5 years professionally, I got my start through my passion for games. making signatures and avatars were all the rage while I was growing up and I soon started getting request for birthday cards and...