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Hi all,
I'm retired - and have the luxury finally of yet once again pursuing my dream of doing what I love. I've been in and out of photography for the past 50 years. I'm now going after the large format landscape sector primarily. Using a Nikon D800 primarily, an Epson 2890 and a macbook pro with SSD. Trying to get together the business end of this is taking some time - but I have that, a business degree, and a patient wife. I just got a copy of Perfect Photo Suite 9 and am using this with Photoshop and Lightroom (stand alones). if anyone has used the module for Resizing (powered by Genuine Fractals) I would love to know how far one can push the upsizing before noticeable degradation occurs. This has always been a tough business - and I hope everyone is doing well enough to meet their goals! It's a love of imaging that keeps us going. I'm hoping this is the only forum I will need to get good feedback from knowledgable people. Thanks to all of you who contribute - we depend on you - and your time and knowledge is important to us! See you soon!