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Can anyone take the background out and make this into a cosplay business card?


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I know this image isn't the highest quality, but my GF just does cosplay for fun. She has recently gotten more and more popular and wants to give out business cards with her social media information. Could you maybe take out the background and just have her on the business card, maybe in the middle of it? And if you can add social media icons like facebook, instagram, and email? I'll fill in the information for her social media information. She cosplays the character Harley Quinn. So maybe if you want to add the name on the card? Also, I was thinking maybe the business card background color be black, maybe some red?

If you have any other better ideas feel free to adjust my details for the business card how you see fit. This is free so if you want to add or adjust anything that you think will be better, feel free to do so. Thank you so much

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I did cut your GF out of the background and saved it as a PNG (= no background)
I assume your have PS or any graphic program?
To be sure you're satisfied with the result I do propose you use the cutout to make your own cosplay business card since you have all her data.
The icons for social media can be found on Google Images.

harley no background.png
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