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    Can anyone take the background out and make this into a cosplay business card?

    I know this image isn't the highest quality, but my GF just does cosplay for fun. She has recently gotten more and more popular and wants to give out business cards with her social media information. Could you maybe take out the background and just have her on the business card, maybe in the...
  2. K

    Freelance Graphic Designer

    I decided to work as a freelance designer for a couple of months now. It has been a roller coaster ride really but I have never enjoyed my life as much as I do today. The downside? Of course getting clients on a regular basis. I have been using the social media but seems not enough as a...
  3. S

    Countdown to Christmas - social media image

    I have been doing a short photoshop course to brush up on my skills. I am working on some social media images for an online radio station I have. I just don't think it quite looks right, and wondered if anyone wanted a play and to teach me a few new things that might improve the image. Would...
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    Social Buttons