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  1. T

    Specific Card image quality and resize request

    Hello! I would like to request this card image to be upscaled to a higher quality and resized to be 120mm x 70mm. I would really appreciate if anyone could do these fixs for me please 💜
  2. T

    Specific Correction for misprinted card - Red card

    Hello! I would really appreciate if anyone could fix this misprinted card for a boardgame for me please On the "Red Card" image below, the heptagon/star symbol and the paw symbol were misprinted in the wrong positions. The background layer was misprinted too low which is why theres a thick...
  3. T

    Specific Correction for misprinted card - Yellow card

    Hello! I would really appreciate if anyone could fix this misprinted card for a boardgame for me please On the "Yellow Card" image below, the heptagon symbol with the star and the paw symbol were misprinted in the wrong positions. And the faded yellow star in the background is missing...
  4. C

    Creating a Trading Card Game Frame

    Hello I'm not an expert at Photoshop by any means, but I know how to put a text in a box or cut someone's eyebrows out :mrgreen: Right now I'm trying to make a frame/template for my own game. I don't want anything too fancy, I was just trying to put a few boxes around and ended up with...
  5. B

    Add letter in poster

    Hi, Could you please photoshop so it says "Laccoste" (1 extra C) instead of Lacoste because I need it for a birthday card? Thanks a million
  6. BenceDusa

    Business Card

    Hello guys! ;) This is my second work in Photoshop. I create a very simple business card, using a tutorial +some of my idea on it. What you think about? :)
  7. Helios

    Swapping out GFX cards

    Hi all! So last night I somehow completely failed to install a replacement graphics card in my system. I'm wondering if anyone here might be able to tell me what's wrong: I'm replacing an Asus AMD Radeon 7770 HD on an Asus H97M-E Micro ATX motherboard - with: An MSI nVidia geforce 970 GTX. I...
  8. M

    Negative photo how to

    Well I know how to create an inverted image ao it looks like a negative My question is. What do you use if you want to see the nagative as a normal photo My idea is to make a card and maybe use a filmstrib with negatives at the front. But can you see it at a normal colored photo through...
  9. Shamm68

    Creating a Gift Card

    Good morning all My first post and many thanks for the use of this forum I have a friend who has bought his father a ticket to see ELO at Wembley Arena next year and he aske me could i design a card to put the tickets inside. This picture I have chosen is this Now I cannot fold this in...
  10. M

    Save My Christmas Card!

    My toddler just couldn't stay out of the photo! Could someone please remove his blue jeans and shoes from the upper right of the photo so I'm left with just the baby, the blanket, and the grass background? Also, I had to shrink the image down from the original (6000x4000) to upload. I'm going...
  11. gedstar

    Challenge #44 - Fantasy Christmas Card

    Well it's coming to that time of the year again, first a big thanks to all who participated in and voted on Eggy's last challenge :thumbsup: and of course thanks to Eggy for creating the challenge. The next challenge is quite simple all you have to do is create a Fantasy Christmas Card, it must...
  12. F

    Can someone help with

    Hi Can someone make our day at the races into either an meme or just make it funny as we wish to send this photo out to colleagues as a Xmas card. Thanks in advance
  13. BenceDusa

    Video Card Question

    Hello! I planning to change my current video card to a Nvidia Geforce 210 I know is not a High End Video Card with the 1GB, but i hope for the Photoshop works is going to be enough. Because my old PC is broke, and now what i have i need to build, a replace some stuff, actually am almost done...
  14. J

    Can anyone take the background out and make this into a cosplay business card?

    I know this image isn't the highest quality, but my GF just does cosplay for fun. She has recently gotten more and more popular and wants to give out business cards with her social media information. Could you maybe take out the background and just have her on the business card, maybe in the...
  15. P

    Spyder Pro 5 Calibration problems

    Hello - I had a big problem with color calibration a while back which I had some wonderful help for here ( ) but now I am back with a new problem. I have Windows 10 and am using...
  16. I

    Photoshop request (very important)

    sup fellas
  17. B

    Detecting of VGA problems

    I'm trying the latest version of Photoshop CC with my PC that use an AMD Firepro w4100 like graphic card. When I try to enable the GPU acceleration it doesn't allow me. "No card detected" it says. Can someone help me? Thanks
  18. N

    White balance of white, black and gray

    hello, i set the white balance with my gray card but to have better results i take a photo with my white card, black card and gray card. can i correct the white balance by using all of them. do i need only gray card or i should use lightroom or photoshop to correct that?
  19. M

    graphics card for CS5

    I use CS5 on a Win 7 Pro 64 bit machine that has built in GPU and graphics is the slowest item on my performance scores. The scores don't excite me much, but fairly often when I'm doing photo editing there is a very noticeable lag in graphics keeping up with my brushes, so I have been thinking...
  20. W

    How to convert a photohop logo to coreldraw

    Hello, I made a logo in photoshop and I want to print some business card But the business card manufacturer said me that you need that logo in coreldraw means .cdr file. How should i do it ? I am new in coredraw Disigning the same logo in corel draw is too tough for me + i am looking for...