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    Looking for Action to Create Greeting Card Image

    Anyone know where I can get one? I don't want a greeting card template. I can create the cards just fine. I just want an action to create an image of a greeting card. I've scoured the net and can find actions to create business cards, book covers, magazine covers, ..... but none to create...
  2. S

    Urgently need a novelty card done - photoshop

    Hello, If there is anyone out there that can edit/amend a novelty card(s) using photoshop as i require it for novelty purposes. I can provide you the info through PM. The numbers etc... If so, please let me know and we can work something out. Thank you so much!!!! :cry: :cry:
  3. N

    help with a birthday card

    Hello everyone I'm adam , and im a new member here i want to make a birthday design for my friend, but i don't know what to do i want something to be simple and nice, something like the attached photo: i need the brushes, cakes and any idea to help me p.s i want the design to have a red...
  4. E

    Help: Text layers from .txt file for buisness cards

    Hey guys, I read this forum from time to time and have learned a lot here. But now I have a very specific question to ask and I hope someone here knows how to help me. I have a template for a business card that I created for a company. So imagine I have a background layer which is the card...