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Spyder Pro 5 Calibration problems


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Hello -
I had a big problem with color calibration a while back which I had some wonderful help for here ( https://www.photoshopgurus.com/foru...peg-color-does-not-match-photoshop-color.html ) but now I am back with a new problem.

I have Windows 10 and am using Photoshop CS5
I have a laptop and an external Asus monitor

I had a Spyder 4 Pro and upgraded to a Spyder 5 Pro. That's when the trouble started. Before with the Spyder 4 my monitor and laptop colors matched up fine. With the Spyder 5, the colors are off quite a bit. The big difference I noticed was the menu bar for PS, Word etc. The menu bar was gray on my laptop but when I moved it to the monitor, it was a deep tan.

When I calibrated both my monitors the colors would be great but I would need to re-calibrate after I turned off my computer.

I contacted Spyder (Datacolor) and this is what I was told.

As explained before, here is some more information about using two seperate displays on one single video card on a Windows system:
Each ICC profile has got two parts. One part will be used by the color management of Windows and it's applications, the other second part will be loaded into the Lookup-Table (LUT) of your video card. This is what the SpyderUtility does on boot-time. See the LUT as a kind of translation table for creating the right colors.
To calibrate and use two displays on one and the same Windows computer, you need a video card with two separate Lookup Tables (LUT).
But this exists only on newer and high quality video cards or if you have two separate graphic adapters in your system.
Several video cards offer two or more display connectors, but they only have one LUT. Therefore it's impossible to use two separate correction curves for these two connected screens.
But you can still calibrate your main display and use the second one (uncalibrated) for tools and pallets.
From the outside, you can't see if your video card has got one or two LUT. To be sure about this, please get in touch with the manufacturer directly.
In the past most Windows laptops use standard video cards with one single LUT!

Please check if your graphic card provide two LUT.
If so it is OK to take the next step.
If not you can use the ProfileChooser (from the Datacolor program group in the Start Menu) to apply one provide at the time and choose what display is calibrated.
So one monitor will be calibrated

Apparently I do not have two LUT's.
My big question is why did I not have this problem with the Spyder 4? Maybe there is some other setting I am not seeing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.