1. revnart

    Saturation Map (Mask)

    Hey, I was experimenting with saturation masks and after several tests I've found that HSL and HSB give me strange artifacts, so I've created LUT file which gives me the result I was looking for. Here is example of base file converted to S from HSB and HSL and with the use of LUT file. Do...
  2. A

    Ciao Guru

    Hello dears Guru, I have been using photoshop for years and now I would like to get the ace certification. Hope you can help me. I live in Italy, forgive my imperfect English. Can I ask you for information about LUT?
  3. P

    Spyder Pro 5 Calibration problems

    Hello - I had a big problem with color calibration a while back which I had some wonderful help for here ( ) but now I am back with a new problem. I have Windows 10 and am using...