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  1. bwallx

    Lightroom Classic has stopped recognising mp4 format during import

    LR Classic can not see any video files in the import dialogue even though I know they are there. Usually mp4. Is there a setting I've got wrong? Can't find one.
  2. R

    Photoshop Render Video Export Not Working iMac 2020

    Hello I just bought a brand new to of the link iMac 2020 and first my first project I'm already having issues. I created a simple banner ad with a video and when I try to do export > Render Video the wheel starts spinning but just stays stuck. I have a brand new iMac with 40 gigs of ram so it...
  3. MentosCubing

    Having some fun in a video chat during self-quarantine.

    TL;DR: -- I'm out of school for at least the next three weeks due to the global pandemic, but one of our teachers (easily everyone's favourite) set up a video call that we could all choose to join and hang out for a while. We chatted nicely for a while and played an online board game. What I'm...
  4. L

    MEME photoshop video

    Hello guys, i want to do like short people meme. For example : But I have no idea how to do. If u have some tips or something like that pls reply. thx ur Alexa
  5. J

    Automatic perspective control

    Can you please let me know how to automatically correct perspective with Photoshop CS6? If possible, please send me step-by-step instructions, not merely a video as, at age 79, I find it difficult to memorize the steps on a video without a text accompanying it. Thanks in advance for your help...
  6. C

    The Tiger

    This was done with my new Intuos, and wow so much better than my bamboo and my fingers retained their finger prints at last. I did do a short Video to this just showing some of the process, if you wanna take a look. Critiques welcomed :)
  7. L

    im going to cry

    this stupid computer will not let me upload the photo or the photo of me showing how it wont let me upload the photo and the video link you guys sent to show me how to upload is illegible
  8. S

    Creating an object

    Hello all, I'm currently trying to have an object (rectangle) under a circle. What I'm trying to do is have the arch of the circle create a shape where it meets the straight line across of the rectangle under it. basically cutting the curve out of the circle along the line of the shape below...
  9. J

    Supercharge the clone stamp tool

    How to supercharge the clone stamp tool in Photoshop? I have found a tutorial on a website, but unfortunately I couldn't quite follow the video, as it's too fast and I am hard of hearing, and a slow learner at my age. Can you kindly send me step-by-step directions please? Not a video, if...
  10. I

    Duplicate work space

    Hello hello, i'm new here and i need help! XD Someone know how to duplicate the work space? I want to see the complete drawing when i'm working on it, like in this video with paintool Sai: Thanks for the help!! <3 <3 <3
  11. B

    After Effects Serious questions for video editors

    I have been searching everywhere for the answers to these stupid questions so my last hope is this. I am very sorry for the wall of text, please help me if you can. And this is for YOUTUBE only unless told otherwise 1. For uploading videos to youtube, is simply uploading the RENDERED video...
  12. T

    After Effects Improving speed for aerender.exe (Adobe After effects CC 2017)

    I'm working on a project that should render as many videos as possible. Only 3 images in the project change after every render. The output length is 12 seconds and it takes about 90 seconds to render the video. After Effects is running on a Windows 10 device with 64gb ram, a GTX 1060...
  13. N

    What techniques did he use in this photo

    on the first pic it was dark and the second one it became bright , he mix it into a video so its look like blinking light video how did he do it?
  14. W

    Rebuild logo from video

    Hey guys, my little request would be the logo which you can find in the upper right corner of the following little video: If possible I would also like to get a version with "HD" at the end, in the same style as the first part of the logo is. If you need any...
  15. M

    Hello Everyone!

    I just found this forum after using Photoshop for a long time, and I'll do my best to contribute and help out. I've recently started doing my simple 3d mock ups and video in photoshop, and it's getting more robust but the tutorials aren't keeping pace. Nice to meet you all!
  16. M

    After Effects Editing a template in AE

    I'm new to After Effects so I'm hoping someone can advise me regarding editing of templates. I want to create a short 8 - 10 second intro for a series of videos I'm going to make. I've found a template on VideoHive that I really like. It shows a search box where the input text changes into a...
  17. F

    How to paint inside with brush like this?

    Hi everybody! I want to know that how to color shapes or drawings without going over the lines like in the video below. I don't want to make a selection then paint inside. Just want to color exactly seen on that video. What is the easiest way to do that?
  18. C

    Is this reindeer real or photoshopped?

    Hi, I'm writing because a few years ago I got a scarf for rudolph and I put it by the fireplace for santa to give to him. My dad helped my set up a hidden camera to see santa take the scarf and I was really surprised when I saw santa bring the reindeer into the house when I watched the video...
  19. Photoshopped

    Hello from Europe

    Hello, Hi I am new on this forum. I joined because I really like working in Photoshop and I would like to learn all futures that program offers. So I am from Europe and I am an architect. I am using Photoshop for almost 15 years now. At office I use photoshop almost every day and at home Im...
  20. A

    Video Game Overlay

    Hi, :D Quick request for a project in class! The photo inserted is of a mario screen, but all I want is the top bar. I want to use the photo to overlay a video, so the entire screen besides the status bar (being the "Lives, power-ups, score and the rest of the text on the top of the screen)...