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  1. R

    Trying to Find a PSG Thread from Several Months Ago

    Perhaps six months ago, somebody posted a video tutorial for how to insert a woman with complicated hair into another image (it was an interior room of a house). Rather than selecting and extracting the woman and her hair, he placed the entire photo of her---including the background---onto the...
  2. B

    Gurus is there any way we can add water mark to a video using Photoshop ??

    Gurus is there any way we can add water mark to a video using Photoshop ?? If it so can you give em a tutorial or something.Thank you !!
  3. Z

    Photoshop CS6 brush and eraser tools are streaking across the active layer. Incredibl

    Video of the issue I'm having: The video only shows the issue when using the brush tool. However, the exact same thing is happening when I use the eraser tool. It will erase a long streak across what layer is active. I've tried Googling this issue, and haven't come up with anything. Does...
  4. Sir-Adrian Mwangudza

    Started doing Image manipulation

    Hi recently go an interest in image manipulation.Kindly advice on what i could have done to refine the image.There is a video showcasing the whole process.
  5. D

    lighting sweep look?

    Is there a way to take a photo like the following and make it appear as if light (spotlight) or a name is sweeping from one side to the other? Is that a video timeline thing or a frame animation? I am not able to use the spotlight tool in lighting effects (due to no open GL ability) but I do...
  6. L

    Cutting backgrounds out of a video

    I have a video of a window with trees moving outside. You can see the wall that the window is on and I want to cut the wall out of the video. How can I do this? I basically want to crop the video so it only shows the window and not the wall.
  7. F

    After Effects Synching video with audio

    Hi, was wondering how this person got their video to work so well with the music. Example: Does anyone know how the above video was done?
  8. C

    Which shortcut do I use to accomplish this?

    Which shortcut do I use to accomplish this? (SOLVED) I was watching a jewelry retouching video wherein the designer made a selection, switched to the brush tool, used the eyedropper to select a color and then used a shortcut to fill in the selected area with that color. This can be accomplished...
  9. BenceDusa

    Video Card Question

    Hello! I planning to change my current video card to a Nvidia Geforce 210 I know is not a High End Video Card with the 1GB, but i hope for the Photoshop works is going to be enough. Because my old PC is broke, and now what i have i need to build, a replace some stuff, actually am almost done...
  10. S

    After Effects Adding photo to a movie

    Hello guys! Please first have a look to this 8 second video: Now I need to use this photo: in this 8 second video. When the camera turns to show the front and out side of the car I want use the photo but with transparency (I want dissolve), user should be able still to see the background...
  11. MrToM

    Video Instruction for Adding Images and Files to posts.

    There is no audio. 01 Adding Images To New Thread Regards. MrToM.
  12. A

    Top Layer Option Doesn't work

    Hello, I am using Photoshop CS6, if someone familiar with this addon or the errors I am having please do let me know how to resolve them. I am attaching you the video.
  13. F

    After Effects Extremely frustrated with AE and Adobe Support - problems with rendering

    edit: disregard I found the problem. thanks!
  14. P

    Spyder Pro 5 Calibration problems

    Hello - I had a big problem with color calibration a while back which I had some wonderful help for here ( ) but now I am back with a new problem. I have Windows 10 and am using...
  15. M

    Creative director job seeker

    I'm working on a video résumé - test 1 available - any suggestions
  16. J

    need help with smoke effect

    Dear all, i try to follow this video to brush out a realistic smoke but when i try it doesn't look exactly like what he did i follow all the settings on this video any kind soul can help me out? Video: kindly refer to the sample pic: Thank you
  17. MoltresRider

    VRam error message in Photoshop ever since "updating" my Video Driver

    I updated my video drivers straight from the AMD website for my AMD Radeon HD 8210 and now Photoshop claims I have less than 512 MB of VRam when I have 2GB of VRam. I get an error message, "Photoshop requires at least 512 MB of VRam. Photoshop has detected less than that on your system." It has...
  18. D

    video editing

    Is it possible to eliminate a logo from an entire (3 second) video with just one move? I can do a marquee tool > edit > fill > content aware for each frame but can it be done by just doing it once and having the logo out for the whole clip?
  19. Paul

    Any Maccas using this?

    Is it any good the video looks amazing.
  20. A

    Fold effect for glyph

    Hi; How can I make fold effect like video glyph in icon? Thanks!