1. JustThisGood

    Watch me Pimp Out A Taxi (Video!)

    :mrgreen: What do you think
  2. M

    Importing a Video to a sig

    Hello Lads, im not sure if this is the correct place as im new but i would just like to ask if any of you gurus hehe knew how to add a video to a sig and then make it a .gif so then theres a pic or something at the left and then a video at the right or something like that ? Much...
  3. amigo

    Video Tutorial #4- Adjustment Layers.

    Hey again! I'm glad to share this new and intensive tutorial about Adjustment Layers. In the tutorial we'll cover almost everything there is to know about Adjustment Layers- which are extremely important in Photoshop. Understanding what they are, how they work, when to use them and why to...
  4. amigo

    Video tutorial- Adjust the brush hardness in seconds & more!

    Hey everyone ;) Another tutorial, this time about the brush tool. I believe most of you already know most of the tips about the brush tool, but there is one that is new to me so I thought I'd share it with you guys. It's a great technique for adjusting the hardness of your brush in...
  5. P

    video tutorials seem out of date for CS5

    Hello Ive been following a few tutorials online and noticed using CS5 some of the actions dont seem to work or might have changed. For example when it asks me to bring up the fill tool by pressing CTRL + Backspace nothing happens. Also when it asks me add a new adjustment layer and ill use...
  6. Hoogle

    1 brush 1 gradient 1 cool background with video tutorial

    create this using this 2 min tutorial
  7. Hoogle

    another image effect by Hoogle with video tutorial

    this tutorial will show you how to achieve this effect here is the video tutorial
  8. Hoogle

    quick video tutorial on how to make a vignette

    here are 2 quick tutorials for beginners on how to create vignettes in photoshop watch in HD this 1 is without a preset brush and is quickest method
  9. S

    Embed video file into jpeg image

    Let start with the simple stuff. Operating system is Windows XP Photoshop version is CS4 V11 I have been racking my brains trying to figure out how to embed a video file into an image in Photoshop. GOAL: i have a Jpeg of a TV screen frame. I want to take a YouTube video that i...
  10. A

    Photoshop CS5 and AVI Video

    I have an .AVI video that I want to bring into PS CS5 Extended. I want the AVI to play and be saved (ultimately as aflame animation) quicker than it is now. I have 10 seconds of AVI video @ 15fps and would like to play the whole clip in 3 seconds. Any thoughts? :sad: Thanks in advance
  11. K

    How to render video with trnasparent background in PS CS4?

    I have a 3d animation project I created successfully in PS CS4. It has a transparent background. I need my final movie in a .SWF format. In Photoshop,when I render the animation to video (.MOV) it renders with a black background, loosing the transparency. How can I render this to video with the...
  12. brandon skyy

    Before and After WITH VIDEO

  13. brandon skyy

    Model Retouch (WITH VIDEO)

    I just started doing videos for youtube of before and after, thought i'd post it along with the pics and get your opinions!
  14. HaAwCK

    [Tutorial] How to: Create a (kinda) electric text

    I wasn't exactly sure what I should call this, so please dont get mad if this wasn't reaching your expectations (Also, please help me get a better title). Since I am so goddamn smart (sarcasm) I am making a text and a video tutorial. Oh, since I am new: Please flame me so hard I wont do...
  15. dv8_fx

    How to Add Video to Your Forum Post from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Google etc.

    You can add a video to your forum post so that it plays in the forum from any of the following video sites: Hulu, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Google, Facebook Copy the video URL: In your forum post, click the video button: Paste the video URL and click OK. That's it! Now...