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Video Game Overlay


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Mario2.jpgHi, :D

Quick request for a project in class! The photo inserted is of a mario screen, but all I want is the top bar. I want to use the photo to overlay a video, so the entire screen besides the status bar (being the "Lives, power-ups, score and the rest of the text on the top of the screen) should be photoshopped out. Also if possible, could the text be slightly enlarged? it may be too small - but if not it's no problem. Thanks!

Thanks so much!
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Is this what you're looking for?

Thanks so much,

but it's not quite what i'm looking for. I want the entire blue background photoshopped out, so that it's just the status bar that you left in. I'm not really good with computers so my explanation might be off the mark, sorry! Do you know when you google an image and the white in the background is little grey-and-white boxes, and you can put it over another image and you'll be able to see what is behind it? I want the entire sky to be the grey and white boxes if possible. Sorry for the confusion, my fault!
Jerry D
The "grey-and-white boxes" represent transparency. The image below is in PNG format, which supports transparency,
but will show here as white.