1. A

    Video Game Overlay

    Hi, :D Quick request for a project in class! The photo inserted is of a mario screen, but all I want is the top bar. I want to use the photo to overlay a video, so the entire screen besides the status bar (being the "Lives, power-ups, score and the rest of the text on the top of the screen)...
  2. E

    Changing the size of a bar

    Hi, I'm a complete newbie when it comes to photoshop (using Photoshop 2015 CC), so I might have a hard time explaining this. I have a psd file and I'm trying to change a progress bar, I didn't create the image, but I have permission to change it and alter it. This is what the progress bar looks...
  3. agentmoeller

    Typing issues

    Has anyone encountered this problem? When I log on to PSG forum on a work computer, the keyboard suddenly breaks down and gets super glitchy. Letters and space bar quit working sporadically. It only happens on this ste, no other. No idea what's going on. If you look below, this is what my...
  4. pslane

    Illustrator misssing toolbar

    Is there any way to get this tool bar when working with Illustrator paths? This is an old version (CS2) so could it be that this tool bar is not an option? Thanks, pslane
  5. R

    bar showing folders on left of screen

    Hi I just bought the latest version of photoshop with lightroom but i cannot see where to het the left hand bar that shows all the folders that i have, i saw that it was on a screen when i was looking up photoshop but cant find it anywhere. Can anybody help please. Many thanks Robert
  6. Tom Mann

    Woo-hoo!! I found a $15 solution to a lighting (grip) problem I've had for years.

    Have you ever been called on to photograph someone in an office that is so small, there isn't room to put up even one light stand, let alone two. So, if you can't move them to another location, you fiddle around try to get good lighting angles by laying some small flashes on the tops of...
  7. R

    bar refaeli

  8. E

    Website top bar is too dark - need it lighter

    Hi all, I need to change a top bar to be more lighter on my new website, because the logo is loosing in the background. Tried to do it by myself but the I can make it more lighter but I'm loosing transparency, I don't know how to modify the image without loosing transparency. If someone could...
  9. G

    Help with wavy effect

    Does anyone know how to make the wavy effect behind "King of Spade". Please help me on how you do it. I think it has something to do with the Filters bar?
  10. G

    New Member with new Photoshop problem with Clone/Healing Brush to resolve

    Hi Everyone! I just joined today and have an issue which I hope one of you Gurus can solve. I am running CS4 and recently upgraded to OS (10.9.4) Mavericks. My issue is that I was recently editing photos and the tool bar suddenly looked differently so I started opening menus to try figure...
  11. S

    Moving The Option Bar

    Is there a way to move the option bar over to the right side of the screen. I like to have all my menus, bars and windows on the right had side of the screen and have been able to manage this with all i need to apart from the option bar. Currently its docked at the top and stretches all the way...
  12. M

    Help With Bar Design

    Hi, how are you doing? I had went to a Site last night and came across a Bar that caught me eyes. I would very much like to design pretty much something close to it, but am having a hard time coming up with a starting point. Below is the portion of the Bar: As you can see it's a two...
  13. CzoDesigns

    Textured Menu Bar

    Hi guys, here is my first Web Menubar I don't know how to call it...maybe u've got some ideas!Thnx
  14. T

    Doc / Tool bars in CS5

    I'm new to photoshop and I'm running CS5 on a 13" Macbook and i'm having trouble editing because of screen space. I realize how rudimentary this problem is, but I just want to move the tool bars at the top into a vertical position on the side. I can't seem to figure it out. The extra screen...