1. M

    Martin from UK

    Hey guys, nice to be here. I'm an illustrator, I'm using cs4, and just for drawings. Happy to learn new tricks, feeling like I got stuck:) Thanks!
  2. O

    Bioshock photo edit for a project

    I am looking to see if anyone can possibly assist me in editing a Bioshock photo. In particular I was hoping to see if anyone could add some fish and or a whale just outside the windows of the image. even shadows would be fine though I would like them to be in the same style as the picture...
  3. G

    Help in logo making

    Hie one of my client asked me to make a logo for small business he is opening after a hardship but my photoshop skills are not that great..so just needed a your little bit of time if you can help him..i am feeling bad for him because i cannot help him in this case :( because of less skills...
  4. N

    Illustrator Align drawing

    I am looking for a way to straighten a drawing. To illustrate, I want to get from this: to this: I have used rotation and skew tools and was able to achieve some results, however, it was not perfectly straight. Can you suggest how to make this transformation perfectly, not but eye? I...
  5. Hoogle

    feeling green, lost creativity help me

    Ok so I thought it would be a good idea to try being creative to take my mind of not being well. It started of well but then all my ideas for finishing touches just didnt work so please suggest something before I fall asleep lol. I am at the point of frustration.