1. A

    Corrupted by Umbrella corp

    Hello! I was wondering if someone could take either of the pictures of Alycia Debnam Carey and place the Umbrella Corporation logo over her eyes so that it looks like the Umbrella logo itself are her actual eyes? If the three pictures of Alycia are not good enough then feel free to search the...
  2. Inkz

    Connectology Logo Concept || WIP

    Working on a logo concept based around connecting technology. The idea behind the logo image is the use of solder points and connecting them. Still a WIP but I hope you see the idea behind the design. It's also a monogram of C & O for Connect Ology, faint but it is there. Also, really...
  3. A

    LOGO for Mexican Organization

    First let me apologize for my bad english. I'm from Mexico. The UCDSS is an organization that helps poor people. They have this logo that they use but it's lost it's detail and it looks very blurry They asked me if I could help them. I downloaded GIMP 2 and stayed up all night trying to fix the...
  4. A

    Making new words with existing logos

    Hey everyone, hops this is the right board to post this in, i made an account just so i could ask this. Anyway, I've seen pictures several times where people take a logo, say the Coca Coal logo for example, and they'll make it say something else, like "pepsi", but its in the coke font. I...
  5. A

    Making an arcade cabinet logo more vibrant

    Hi there, we're trying to make a logo and what I wanted was this arcade cabinet with this old tron like grid. I just kinda want the screen to glow more and have on the top it say Salt Arcade in neon blue giving off a bit of neon light as well. So you can see in prototype 1 that was our initial...
  6. Eggy

    3D Blender 3D PSG logo

    Uhh, the PSG logo in Blender... Simple exercise (:eek:)
  7. T

    Cs Go Team

    Hi guys, I’m here again to make another request, so I play in an amateur csgo team with some friends and we are looking for a new team logo and since you helped me the last time I decided to come again for help. So our team name is TugaThunders and we were thinking in 2 capital “T’s” in the...
  8. T

    Help Refine My Logo Please?

    Hey, everyone! I was so amazed at the work you're all able to do, and I have another request. This is the logo for my blog, and I need help refining it. I was hoping someone could clean up the edges (the black is a little choppy), and maybe do whatever you think might make the silhouette look...
  9. Inkz

    Dropbox logo recreation Mashup

    Got bored today so I decided to look at some familiar logos from around the web and try and recreate some of them in a different way, in a humorous way. So I decided to look at Dropbox logo. The logo is pretty cool and it is that way so you can drop stuff into the box. Here's my take lol
  10. N

    New steam Logo

    Hey all i would absolutely love it if you would make a logo of a J preferably with the color cyan incorporated. Do something cool and have fun.
  11. S

    Need help to Make Logo Like attached file..

    Dear Devs, Please guide me how to start for a Logo contains text and shape like attached Logo and how to transform the text exact similar to any shapes. Thanks in advance...
  12. S

    Layer Size

    Hello all, I have a logo that I am trying to fit across several different templates. Is there a way that I can easily resize the logo to a particular size? Free transform allows me to increase size, but I'd like it to be something like 200x400px on all of my templates. Is there a way for me to...
  13. Inkz

    New Simple Version of Twitter Logo

    This is for fun and no I haven't been hired by twitter to update their logo lol. In my quest to make a great logo I like to keep the design as simple and memorable as possible and decided to practice a little with the Twitter logo. So the real design is made up of circles and some might...
  14. S

    logo request

    I'm unemployed marine engineer. actually I want this logo for business card to apply jobs and I hope someone can help me. My name is Tekin KAYA. Thank you all for your helps :)
  15. Inkz

    Night Village Illustration

    Hey, me again. Enjoying my time off from work and lovely Illustrator once again. Thought I would try something other than logo designs lol.
  16. Inkz

    Swan Logo Process

    Hey guy's.. Like to share with you a logo I've been working for a little while. I've been working a lot more with my normal job in retail so haven't had much time to do much graphics. Anyway, a week off so I'm back on it lol. Here's a simple logo of a Swan designed from 5 different sized...
  17. S

    Spider logo help

    hi i want to put a red stripe down the middle of this spider logo to made it look like a redback spider. if someone could help me out it would be much appreciated
  18. B

    Logo help please!!

    Probably many wont even bother with this but i'll give a shot! So I really need a logo for this pub... Can you please crop the " St. Andrew's Scottish Pub" out of the glass and background? [ If it's impossible or way too hard to do can you at least make something similar as a logo? Some...
  19. H

    Trying to make high res image of this logo

    Hi there Great forum, and be gentle with me as my first time here lol. I am trying to help a friend who has a logo she uses on her leaflets. She hasn't got the original high resolution file, it is a simple type of design but I can't recreate it. Is anyone here able to help please? Thank you in...
  20. V

    Need Help! Need to transparently Erase.

    Hi, guys! Good day! I need your help! I have a logo attached in this thread and there is a white stroke part in that logo need to transparently remove. but if I'll do that, the result will damage my logo with pixelated quality. Is it okay you guys help me to remove this white part? Thanks! It...