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Need Logo created


So, I have attempted to enlist the help of Fiverr several times to get help making my logo for my brand of nail polish, and have spent countless hours with people who just dont understand what I want. I know all you smart photoshop experts might think I'm ridiculous , but I attempted to make my own using microsoft word! lol, I don't think it is half bad :) But I wanted the "Q" to be decorated with maybe a few vines or something that just makes it look a little more embellished? And I can't make the words "Quixotic" and "polish" closer to each other. This is going to be going on a 1X1 inch clear label, so it has to stay black and white. If ANYONE can help me, I'd be so grateful! It really would be a humongous help to a small business owner just trying to get by. Thank you in advance to any one who is willing to help!
Hello and welcome to PSG.

Please upload any images and not a PSD file, thanks.
Just a couple of ideas about this...these are 1in. x 1in. pngs, no background...

1x1-2.png 1x1-4.png