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Read This First [Video Tutorials] Section Guidelines

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Tutorial Videos

Our goal is to only allow video tutorials that maintain a set of standards and quality that we feel our members enjoy and expect here at Photoshop Guru's. We expect all tutorials to convey concepts and procedures which not only cater to a specific result but will assist the viewer in improving their skills.

This section is for posting only tutorial videos that are related to Photoshop or other graphic design software. These can be videos that you created yourself or videos created by others that you would like to share for the instructional information and appreciation of everyone in this forum.

Please be descriptive in your post title and write a description of the video in your post. This will help people find it when searching.

If you post a video which is not your creation, please state who created the video.

This is not the place to post questions or ask for help, we have other sections for that.

The following rules apply to this section of the forum only, general Site Rules can be found here.


All efforts will be taken to ensure that all the approved videos in this section are checked and adheres to the standards set by this forum.

But we're only human ......

In the event you detect discrepancies in the tutorial procedures or inappropriate content that could have slipped by our watchful but tired eyes and ears, please use the REPORT BUTTON to send us a note stating the error or offensive content you heard or saw. We will review the said video and take action if necessary.
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