1. B

    After Effects Serious questions for video editors

    I have been searching everywhere for the answers to these stupid questions so my last hope is this. I am very sorry for the wall of text, please help me if you can. And this is for YOUTUBE only unless told otherwise 1. For uploading videos to youtube, is simply uploading the RENDERED video...
  2. N

    HELP - Creating a boardgame track!!

    Hey all, I'm in the midst of developing my game and I'm trying to create a boardgame track. Like the images below. Not in the exact same shapes, but similar style. Anybody got any suggestions?? Appreciate your help in advance! I'm sure there are videos out there on this topic, but I couldn't...
  3. Paul

    After Effects CS5 Premiere Pro videos

    I have been playing with Premier Pro for a few day old videos and editing of (trying to) can i save in anything other than the one format offered and if so how please?
  4. H

    Please help me change this color

    Hi, I have searched the "how to change colors" resources and I still can't do it. Here is what I want to change: I want to change the tank top color from white to apricot (light orange). I can't just select and use paint bucket because the shades of white varies in this tank top (due to...
  5. IamSam

    Our best instructional video tutorials in one place!

    Photoshop Quick Tip: How to Duplicate Layers Created by Pixel and Bracket
  6. J

    My introduction (and some help?)

    Hi everyone My name is James. I'm a keen amateur photographer and mountaineer from Scotland. I've always played around with photoshop and watched some youtube videos but recently I've been trying to get more into it. My non-arty brain struggles sometimes when I see some of the amazing pictures...
  7. M

    Photoshop videos?

    How do you do this? I would like to edit my face, I usually make my nose a little slimmer. How would I go about doing this for videos ? Ive done this before but it was frame by frame & it took me hours just to do a five second video. is there anyway that I could edit all the frames at the same...
  8. L

    Hi all

    Hi, i'm new to Photoshop, learning it myself online by watching and coping youtube videos. Would appreciate all the help and tips
  9. J

    Downloading videos

    When I access tutorial videos what to do to download them for future reference? Will the download include both text and pictures? I use photoshop CS6 Thank you. joe
  10. Paul

    Catching that moment.

    Just love his passion and his informative videos.
  11. P

    Photoshop Quick Selection Tool help please.

    I'm new to Photoshop and I'm trying to figure out how to best use Photoshop's Quick Selection tool. I've watched some videos and I'm not having the kind of success I see in the videos. Sometimes it selects to much sometimes not enough, sometimes totally unpredictable results. Thanks
  12. L

    [Request] Wedding photos

  13. D

    How to Make a Speech Bubble?

    I am trying to figure out the best way of creating something like this. I know it's easy, but I can't figure it out. I have watched videos and videos, and everyone does something different and most are using them on cartoons. Maybe someone could give me some pointers on doing this. I have...
  14. K

    Another Newbie

    Hi everyone, I'm new to using photoshop. Just for fun, I used to play around with graphics using paintshop pro many years ago. Photoshop feels a Little overwhelming that i want to run back to psp cause I know it well. What I'm finding hard is finding written tutorials. I prefer that over...
  15. S

    Kelby One Videos vs free Youtube Videos?

    Hi, I have been sifting thru lots of YouTube tutorial videoslearning PS and LR and have learned a great deal, however on many videos the instructortalk and move the mouse so fast it’s hard to keep up and follow. With LR it wasnot much of an issue, I was able to pick most of it up since it a...
  16. admin

    Read This First [Tutorials] Section Guidelines

    Tutorial Videos Our goal is to only allow video tutorials that maintain a set of standards and quality that we feel our members enjoy and expect here at Photoshop Guru's. We expect all tutorials to convey concepts and procedures which not only cater to a specific result but will assist the...
  17. M

    Hi everyone

    my name is manfred139, a retired engineer with multiple strokes and some other health issues. My interests are art, pictures and lately videos. An other hobby is music - I've got extensive collection well over 100Gigs - any genre! As a technical person I'm still fascinated by new findings like...
  18. Stric9

    Good website for tutorial videos

    Has anyone ever visited here Free Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Fireworks, Bridge, and Golive Video Tutorials :: Welcome to I particularly like the tuts on hair selection and changing hair color from brunette to blonde. But still slot of other good info there.
  19. D

    Background Guide

    The video tutorials are okay. Easy to follow since all you have to do is replay them. Once you remember how do it, you can move on to creativity. It greats easier to get the results you want. Digital Backgrounds | Digital Backdrops I did change a Bird to look like its swimming by changing...