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How do they do this photoshop effect?


I see many pictures using this "chiffon fabric" effect but cannot find a tutorial of how to do it myself. Could someone tell me (or link me) how to do it? Thanks.

What is your level of Photoshop experience on a scale from 1 to 10?

The technique I would use requires some drawing skills, how's yours?
IamSam I would be extremely interested in seeing your approach. This question set me off on a search (as is often the case :)). A suggestion to the OP you could check out Fire Painter 3 - it isn't free but I suspect that if you create a ribbon in FP3 and then manipulate it in Photoshop you could get pretty close to what you want. Check out this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9V9iFE0dCjA


@IamSam I would be extremely interested in seeing your approach.
Sure, not a problem John.

Again, I did this really fast for demonstration purposes and I hope that others will slow down and take their time.

The technique assumes two things, the viewer will have some basic drawing skills and for pure ease, that you have a graphics tablet. I also want to point out that the example image that the OP posted is a digital painting by the virtual artist Skip Staheli. This is why I felt that a painting technique would be most appropriate here but not the only one that could be used.

I opened a background photo and duplicated it. I renamed the duplicate layer 'background' (original I think).

On a new layer I titled 'Main Fabric layer',
I used the Pen Tool set to path for this step. I created a path that I can use as an 'outline'. If I had a subject in my image, I might have several paths fofr the CF (Chiffon Fabric) that interact with the subject, but for demonstration, I'll just use one simple path.

(note: I lowered the opacity of the background layer so you could see the path.)
Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 7.55.10 PM.png

I then turned the path into a selection.
Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 7.56.02 PM.png

I used the color picker to sample a light blue from the sky. I then adjusted the picked color to what I will call a blue/white.

I then filled the selection with the blue/white color and lowered it's opacity until it was sufficiently sheer. I made this one brighter for the demo.
I added a layer mask to this layer.
Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 7.58.00 PM.png

I create a new layer for the brush work.
I then activated the selection and the rest was done using the Brush Tool with various settings.
I also used the layer mask on the main fabric layer to increase the shear effect of the CF in certain places.
Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 9.18.14 AM.png

When I was done I created Stamp Visible layer (shift + option + command + E) and used the Blur Tool to blend the edges.
Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 8.34.59 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 8.37.33 AM.png
Thanks Sam - I appreciate your run down. Always up for learning a new technique. :thumbsup:


When I was done I created Stamp Visible layer (shift + option + command + E) and used the Blur Tool to blend the edges.
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Awesome. I am sure this is exactly how Skip does it (I know he has a Wacom tablet). I, on the other hand, do not so it would have to be a mouse-hand drawing which I imagine more difficult. As for skills I've become quite good at editing, not attempted any drawing but for a little airbrushing here and there ... but have always been curious how this was done and will attempt to do it without the tablet and see how it goes. Thank you so much for your detailed response. Much appreciated.