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  1. N

    How to make design to have realistic woven/knitted effect?

    Hi everyone, I would like to turn any design in a way that it looks woven/knitted exactly like this image below: As you can see, there is a knitted effect on top and the design itself looks kind of...distorted or pixelated? I don't really know the exact word to describe it. But I did attempt...
  2. R

    Specific Recreate this Text

    I need a higher resolution of this exact wording. What i have now is to small to expand then becomes very pixelated. The font is Dandeleon Vintage Demo. Exactly as shown here with the thick boarder as shown. Something in the layers went bad. I think. I do need stroke effect. Thick boarder as...
  3. R

    How to achieve this effect

    Hello everyone. I'm very much an amateur at photoshop, having used it for basic alterations to images over the years. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas how I might be able to achieve a similar finish to an already existing image as the one in the attached file. I've had a play around with...
  4. D

    Shiny "Chromatic" Effect

    Hey guys, I am trying to achieve this effect on Photoshop. I tried searching for tutorials and keywords but I could not find any. Hope anyone can help me out 🙏 Really appreciate whatever input from you guys.
  5. P

    Straightforward rain effect tutorial in Adobe Photoshop CC

    Hi everyone! In this post, I shared a straightforward tutorial I created, which will guide you with adding a rain effect to an image. I hope you find it helpful :cool:
  6. H

    How can I make this effect in Photoshop?

    Hey! I want to make this effect (see attachment) only a little bit lighter. How can I do that? Blackwhite? Greyscale? The picture is by me. The human there has a spotlight on him (darken bg, lighten him). I found that look and liked it while masking out in color range in greyscale mode. Also I...
  7. TTONE

    Simple Image Halftone. Tutorial

  8. J

    How to make this effect

    Hello. Could you please let me know how to simulate this letters effect? I mean how to make the white border more notorious and also like the shadow it has too. Thanks so much.
  9. T

    How to recreate this effect?

    Hi there, I'm new to this forum - I've used Photoshop for a while but I'm a bit stuck on this one. I really want to recreate this effect used on the players sketch, with the colour + black and white, but I'm a bit stuck. I've tried using filters on Photoshop but they're not having the same...
  10. Zintius

    Specific Brush Effect

    hello would you please do a Portrait Brush Effect i really like those and thanks in advance
  11. P

    Flaming Text (Needs Improvement but okayish)

    This actually has some personal significance for me, as I remember I created this as a challenge. I was a complete newbie when I made this and accepting this challenge really groomed my skills!
  12. O

    Shard effect

    Does anyone know how to create this wings like effect from Tokyo Ghoul in photoshop or is tihis only manualy painted? If so can you show me the basic workflow I am looking forward to create similar but more glass shard like effect P.s. I am pretty limited in painting because I don't have...
  13. M

    Can somebody tell me how to create this blurred effect?

  14. D

    Specific Back-light for Text

    Hi everyone, I posted on the General Photoshop Board a couple of months ago regarding a commission I'm working on for a friend. More specifically, I was asking for advice on how to replicate a back-light effect to put behind some text. Whilst a user was kind enough to give me some guidance, I...
  15. N

    How to achieve this kind of effect

    Permission to post Admin Gurus: I would like to ask or your help on how to achieve the same effect as the image I posted. (Ship covered with sugar grains) Thanks in advance.
  16. E

    Screen effect on CMYK

    i made a lens flare effect on black layer and choose screen effect but it doesnt work well on CMYK file as it works great on RGB. any other ways to do this?
  17. P

    Need assistance with color correction/change in a photo

    Hi all. A friend of my wife edited/enhanced the color of this photograph but I'm not sure of what technique she used. I would like to get a similar effect on other photos that were taken from the shoot. I have tried using a warm photo filter and various layers of changing Hue/Saturation, level...
  18. E

    Glittering Effect

    How can i make glittering effect like this?
  19. N

    After Effects Change to color : White

    Hello, I have a test video: On after the 2017 effect, I try to change the color of the object in white. Lun but it's creating a gray or black color, like a shadow. Or the special effect "Change Color" does not work on white. Do you have...
  20. D

    Advice on How to Replicate an Effect

    Hi everyone, I was recently asked by a client to replicate a logo design of hers (attached below) that she currently only has as a JPEG. I've successfully recreated the main elements (large red text, subtitle, female silhouettes etc.) but have so far been unable to accurately reproduce the...