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  1. P

    What effect is used

    I wondered does anyone know what effects are used to make the main photo in the background appear this way?
  2. T

    How to create this filter effect?

    I've been trying to edit my photos to get this kind of filter effect where the greens are a very saturated yellow and the skin colour looks a really nice rosy shade. It's difficult to explain, see these photos: For example I'm trying to...
  3. R

    Large brush

    I am ready to install a ssd to pick up performance but whenever is use a large brush, say over 1500 px my computer goes into a spinning circle (used to be hour glass) to apply the effect, anything else I can do, I have an i7, 32 gb ram, windows 10.
  4. G

    Can some one help me with this effect?

    First time to this forum. Hope I am using it correctly. I am trying to create the effect illustrated in the picture below. Although I want to slightly roll all 4 corners, with the emphasis on the left and right edges of the picture. The goal is to give the picture a slight cupped looked as...
  5. S

    Dispersion Effect

    Hey everybody, can you apply to apply to one of this photos Dispersion Effect please?
  6. M

    make something realistic pop up/ out of another

    Hi again you great people. I am making this different month style for a calender I will make to my self. the idea is they can be used every year instead of creating 12 new each year. now im stock with this juli thing. I want this balloon effect wich different styles on each balloon. for J im...
  7. D

    Creating sweaty skin

    Hi guys, am back again with another bizarre request. Have been cruising the web looking for how to create a "sweaty effect" in CS5. There seem to be lots of stuff out there about how to get rid of sweat but not a lot on how to create it. A couple of ones I've looked at don't seem to work for...
  8. O

    Actions Photoshop action for special effect

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone can help me. I am looking for an action or instructions on how to achieve an effect in Photoshop like this one in Picart Hope someone will be able to assist Thanx in advance
  9. M

    Help with font effect

    First time post from Photoshop newbie :hi: I have seen several videos on YouTube showing how to create font effects like drop shadows, pop shadows and so on. I am trying to create a font effect as shown in the picture using the most "simple and efficient" method, but the results are not good...
  10. M

    After Effects Recreating flowing lines animation

    Hey guys! I've found this lovely animation of lines twisting and being nice in general: How would you recreate this effect? Any tip is greatly appreciated:)
  11. C

    Help recreating a similar text effect?

    I'm having trouble trying to recreate a text effect similar to the one shown in this photo. If anyone could help it'd be greatly appreciated!
  12. K


    Do you guys can edit a gif too? cause I have a request regarding some colour change on .gif file I will leave it here, I want that little effect that it makes from white to red if you can
  13. Na11

    How can I make this text effect?

    I've tried playing with the text styles but I can seem to get it right. Ideas?
  14. D

    "Painted" Effect

    Anyone know how to get the subtle painted effect this photographer is using on his photos: We use the same modifier and a very similar camera system (I'm 5DMKIII and he's D800). I've set up the light every which way at every different intensity so I'm pretty sure this is something happening...
  15. F


    Does anyone know if there is a Photoshop plugin to create the colorful strand effect Apple has been showing this on their iMac
  16. T

    How would i get this effect

    Hello how would i get the same effect as in this photo if i were two download a seperate hourglass and skull image Thanks for any help
  17. D

    Coloring effect

    Trying to crack this grey/green/textured effect that I'm seeing in portraits lately, especially this guys work: Honestly any general notes on his use of tweaking the color profile would be welcomed. There are definitely specific things he does depending on...
  18. P

    Recreating this effect?

    Hey I'm trying to create/recreate this paint/spray paint dripping effect displayed on this shirt. Trying to find a way to go about this tried some brushes to no avail :(
  19. A


    Hello! I was wondering if someone could add a glitch type of effect to the picture, please? Or, as an alternative, you could try adding a glitch effect into the photo below instead and make the eyes (including the whites) black? Thanks in advance!
  20. jromer

    How do I achieve this darkened effect?

    Hi gurus, new member here. I decided to look for a PS forum after failing to find answers to my questions on YouTube. I'm learning web design and a crucial skill to have in my tool belt is Photoshop. Long story short, the objective for today is darkening a photo in order to use it as a...