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Creating sweaty skin

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Hi guys, am back again with another bizarre request.

Have been cruising the web looking for how to create a "sweaty effect" in CS5.
There seem to be lots of stuff out there about how to get rid of sweat but not a lot on how to create it.
A couple of ones I've looked at don't seem to work for me so was wondering if anyone has a simple way of creating this effect.

Don't have a basic piccy as yet but the idea is to have a "normal" one and then create the illusion that said subject is actually working in the Gym and building up a sweat
This is my 'old school' way to create the sweat image.

1. Place a layer above the image and fill it with 50% grey, blend mode set to linear light.
2. On this layer you paint white with a soft brush with very low opacity (2 %), to lighten the skin parts of your choice.
3. On the same layer you paint black with a soft brush with very low opacity (1-2%), to darken the skin parts of your choice.
4. Put the sweat images (water drops) on separate layers, (blend mode set to screen) for each part of the body you would like to show some sweat drops. Add a layer mask to each layer and paint away what you don't need.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-09-03 um 12.42.41.png
Screenshot of Dodge and burn layer

Wassertropfen Gold.jpg
Image for sweat layers, (Blendmode Screen)

Bildschirmfoto 2017-09-03 um 12.48.26.png
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Thanks Chris much appreciated, will try it out.

Interesting to see your Photoshop is in German as all my versions up to about 2010 were the same as I lived in Germany.
In fact I had great difficulty when I started using an English version as I didn't know the English words for the various tools etc despite being a Brit.............
I'm glad I could help.

Please post your own 'sweat image" here. If you run into a problem, don't hesitate to ask again for help.

Regards Chris
Thanks Chris, most kind.

It'll be a while yet but will start to experiment with the info you've given me. If I have problems and I'm sure I will, I'll be back.
Now there's threatening..............:neutral:
Looks like my postings from today have been deleted............ Ah well, let's have another go.

I posted .psd files as on a previous thread I was asked by a couple of people to post piccies showing all the layers, on this thread however I was told to post .jpg files as no one looks at 'psd so here we go again.

Here's the experimental start piccy
Email Dave CutOut.jpg
Here it is with the grey at 50%Email Dave Sweat with 50% Grey.jpg and brushing done as Chris suggested
and then I added the "Wassertropfen" Chris suggested and this is definitely not looking good so there must be something I'm doing wrongEmail Dave Sweat with 50% Grey & Brushing & Drops set to Screen 2.jpg
Yes it looks like you made some mistakes.

1. Check the blend mode of the grey layer. It should be set to Linear Light.

2. I provided a darker pic of the water drops. Try this. Set the blend mode to screen on this layer.
Don't make a selection to cut out a shape.
You have to add a Layer Mask to the Waterdrop layer. See my screenshot.
Then activate the layer mask by clicking on it, and paint with a black brush what you don't want to see.

Screenshot.jpg Wassertropfen dark.jpg

I tried it on your tiny image, it works.

Email Dave CutOut.jpg
Thanks Chris. Sorry about the size of the piccy, got paranoid after having had my wrsit slapped for .pds files...........:cry:

Will try this out later and report back.......
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