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  1. D

    Creating sweaty skin

    Hi guys, am back again with another bizarre request. Have been cruising the web looking for how to create a "sweaty effect" in CS5. There seem to be lots of stuff out there about how to get rid of sweat but not a lot on how to create it. A couple of ones I've looked at don't seem to work for...
  2. X

    Need help creating object from scratch

    Need help creating object from scratch to post an image of it on a site. Description will be provided via PM or Email for anyone interested in the project. Thanks! - Luke
  3. Mootaz24

    hello i want help in creating....

    hello i want help in creating a military patch picture this is the real picture: This is anther picture to the patch but not HQ and if possible i want the word to be GFS or if your computer support Arabic this words " فيلق القوات الخاصة " which translate into the GFS in French
  4. chrisdesign

    3D Spiral Staircase

    This job started as a BLENDER exercise, getting to know the 'array modifier'. Finally I ended up creating a small work of art. Comments are very welcome.
  5. K

    Wacky Pen tool behavior

    Hello, all- I'm on an iMac late '12 running Sierra (10.12.4) using PS CC 2017.1.1 and I'm having a problem I've never seen before with PS. I need to make clipping paths for the images delivered to a client. What happens is when I'm using the Pen tool and while creating the path, the Pick a...
  6. J

    Hi, New member from Central Coast NSW Australia

    G'day all, Just registered. new to the forum, not new to photoshop. I've been using since photoshop version 5.5. With any of these programs, you can always learn more and that is one of the reasons I'm here. I never want to stop learning. So hopefully I can pick up more tips from other users...
  7. N

    Illustrator Need help creating a wave image in Adobe Illustrator

    Hi All, I was wondering if one of you wonderful talented designers could help me with a procedure for creating a colorful wave in Adobe Illustrator? I have attached a scanned image of what I am looking for. Can you help me figure out how to recreate something like that in Illustrator? I...
  8. A

    Creating shapes with light effect

    Hello, I am quite new to Photoshop. I would like to create an image like the one that is displayed on the attachment, but with blue color instead of gray. Can you advice a method for creating such an image? Thanks in advance, Alex.
  9. N

    New to forum

    New to the forum (note to administrators: "Azure" is a fine answer to "what color is the sky?" :razz:) I've used Photoshop since it was roughly version 2.0. I'm by no means a pro, but through the times that I've had access to it, Photoshop has been my go-to for creating and modifying textures...
  10. E

    Hi from Australia + question

    Hi all, i am new to this forum and to photoshop in general. I'd be super thankful to learn from all of you guys who know so much about this amazing program. I am trying to achieve similar to attached. Love to hear how you would go about creating this. Thanks so much for any replies. P
  11. dv8_fx

    Challenge 34 (Advanced) SUBMISSION THREAD - Street Art

    Thank you, chrisdesign for creating this new challenge. To all eager participants... UPLOAD YOUR ENTRIES HERE. All entries will be hidden and can only be viewed during the voting period. For new members and first time challenge participants, please refer to the challenge guidelines...
  12. M

    After Effects 3D Animation with ProAnimator

    Hi guys! What do you think about the new plugin for After Effects, it can good pretty good job with creating after effects projects.
  13. IamSam

    Your opinion of Mac OS Yosemite 10.10.3

    I'm not one for upgrades. When an OS is working well with the hardware you currently have, upgrading can often be a disaster. I have recently been considering a video editing program to help me with creating video tutorials. The program I want requires Mac OS 10.9 or better............. Mac OS...
  14. J

    How to Make a Twisted Ring Overlay?

    Hey guys, My friend had some artwork produced for a new music release of his. Anyone got any idea how you'd go about creating that twist / bend / distorted effect around a shape? Thanks again all :)
  15. M

    Flare filter question

    Hi, I quite like using the flare filter to create a gradiated look. However, I can't bear the mock sun glare/artefacts. They look naff and detract from the look I'm creating. Can anyone help me by telling me how erase the circles while keeping the bleached look? Many thanks
  16. C

    Help with Creating this Pattern

    Hi All, I am new to this site. Seems like a great place to be. I am looking for help in creating this deco pattern. It is seen in the background of the attached poster. I thought the main object of the pattern was repeating circles but when I tried replicating it just seemed wrong. Then...
  17. F

    creating a caption box

    Does anyone know how to create the shape for the orange captions in this video? Thank You.
  18. I

    Creating Backrounds/Compositions

    Hey guys I really want to learn how to create backrounds like this and the basics for creating Backrounds anyway I want, I don't want to be limited so how do I do this?
  19. L

    Illustrator wrapped cures how to

    I am thinking of creating some curves like you see in the picture. Before I bang my head into the ground creating each line, I was wondering if you have any thoughts on simplifying this....maybe using the blend tool or something. Or maybe another software. thanks!
  20. gautamz07

    creating curved squares

    Hey Guys , hows u all doing ? good afternoon from india :D I have a small difficulty with an image i came accross the web now if you look closely the squares that have text on them , they are not exactly flat , rather they are kind of curved on the edges , i tried adding a drop shadow and...