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  1. B

    Illustrator Can you create flyers and business cards in illustrator?

    Can you create flyers and business cards in illustrator? or do you need photoshop for that?
  2. D

    Creating sweaty skin

    Hi guys, am back again with another bizarre request. Have been cruising the web looking for how to create a "sweaty effect" in CS5. There seem to be lots of stuff out there about how to get rid of sweat but not a lot on how to create it. A couple of ones I've looked at don't seem to work for...
  3. chrisdesign

    Challenge #53: Funnymal

    It's time again! Thanks all for participating and voting in the last challenge, and thanks to Eggy for thinking it up. The theme of this month is: Funnymal Create a funny looking animal. Anything is acceptable, you can mix two animals, or put a smile on a snake, or create a caterpillar...
  4. P

    create faded colour overlay?

    I wonder if anyone can help me. I'm trying to create a colour overlay exactly like the attached image using photoshop How do i do this? Many thanks in advance!
  5. K

    How can I recreate these images ?

    Hi.I was wondering how to create these images?
  6. chrisdesign

    Time Portal

    Imagine a jump from 2017 to 2057. These are the main images I used... create this. Feel free to comment on this composite.
  7. M

    Help with font effect

    First time post from Photoshop newbie :hi: I have seen several videos on YouTube showing how to create font effects like drop shadows, pop shadows and so on. I am trying to create a font effect as shown in the picture using the most "simple and efficient" method, but the results are not good...
  8. D

    After Effects Help! Creating a Shadow Catcher creates a black square

    I have restored the settings and I am still having issues. Im new to After effects, im reading a book following tutorials and ran into an issue its not acknowledging. I am told to Create a Shadow Catcher and Light under an area of text thats on top of a video later thats been tracked. When I...
  9. O

    Could someone add a background to this logo for me?

    I have managed to create a black and white silhouette of the fighting leprechauns as i want them. I then saw that the space between them almost appears like a shamrock, if the fists were to form the top etc. I would really like the empty section filled as a shamrock and I have included two...
  10. U

    Create and save PSD from list name in excel

    I have a list of file names in Column A of an excel sheet. Now I need to create and save files in PSD [Dimension 800 X 900] one by one from that list name with single background layer.
  11. Pipsmom

    Brush Library

    I do hope this is the right category to ask this question because after researching I want some straight simple answers so asking what do you have and how do you manage them all I got fed up today misplacing my brushes all the time....(My favorite cloud brushes are hiding from me and still...
  12. A

    Photoshop background and change colour of clip art + invitation help

    Hi all! Could someone please photoshop the background and text out of the attached clipart and also change it to the blue colour that it is in the invitation picture? If you could please also let me know the colour model and pigment amounts used that would be fantastic. I am trying to create...
  13. D

    What is this type of effect?

    I'm wondering if there is a technical name for this type of effect? I just did a google search for "gradient map design", but I really only found a few examples of what I was looking for. Also, I think I have an idea of how to create this effect, but if anyone has a nice tutorial, it would be...
  14. K

    Looking for someone to help create a sweet web banner.

    I don't have any skills on Photoshop. Looking for someone to create a nice simple web banner for my website. G.enuine A.rcade M.ulti E.ntertainment System Please someone help. Thank you.
  15. gedstar

    3D Blender back to basics for me :)

    Just decided to get back into Blender again and realized I had forgotten almost everything I thought I learnt previously :shocked: so starting from scratch again Working on this Chess Set project, so far I've created the chess board using Sub Divisions to create the first 4 squares from a Grid...
  16. J

    how to create something like this ?

    hi I am new to this forum and I hope that this question is on-topic. I want to create something like this It's about the "random" white patches on the red areas. How to create this kind of stamp look ?
  17. C

    Light effect help

    Hello all, I am trying to create a feature similar to the background light that you see coming from the center in the distance of this photo. I blurred out the text of the image and am not concerned with its blue tint, but more so discovering the most efficient way to create the astral light...
  18. A

    Illustrator How to warp/transform a single letter?

    Hey guys, I'm trying to create something similar to this... It's the a that I am interested in. As you can see the curve part of the letter (where the c is located) has been removed from the a. I know while using Illustrator you can press 'cmd + shift and o' which brings up anchor points of...
  19. K

    How to create "interactive" slider

    Hello everyone, I've tried to look for some tutorial on how to create an interactive slider similar to the attached image but I couldn't find anything at all. Do you know how it was done? As you can see from the image , once you hold and move the button on the left slider to different...
  20. J

    Someone can help me please

    Hi, I would like know how do the effect or how create the green dragon. Thanks!!!