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3D Blender back to basics for me :)


Just decided to get back into Blender again and realized I had forgotten almost everything I thought I learnt previously :shocked: so starting from scratch again
Working on this Chess Set project, so far I've created the chess board using Sub Divisions to create the first 4 squares from a Grid, Materials for the colors and an Array Modifier to create the rest of the board.

View attachment 75011

More to follow

First chess piece, using Edge and Bridge Loops, scaled from a reference image

View attachment 75016
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Nice! i'm just doing a marathon on a video course to learn to use 3D CGI XD, when i finish i start to work on 3d for the first time.

Seeying the video course a lot you can do and learn.... i'm a little frighten :biglaff:.
Looking good Ged...I'm glad you try again.:thumbsup:

Thanks Chris, I think I took the wrong approach first time around, this time I'm actually tying to figure out how Blender actually works, instead of watching tutorials that only show how to create something without going into the details of what is it your actually doing, so learning a lot more now, pace is slow but this time I think it's sinking in :giggle:
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Good you're back into Blender Ged.
Go easy to master each section of a composite!
I did it by repeating again and again.
Applying materials is very complex and there are so many ways...
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Excellent!! now that i finished the videocourse i'm trying to make a simple tv i beggining to understand the great work people do here with the 3D, i'm going crazy too!!:rofl:
That looks good Ged!

But to give the wood a more natural look (even polished wood isn't that smooth) you could use a diffuse map (the normal pic), a bump map and a reflection or gloss map in the composition section.

It doesn't need to be that much relief, just enough to break the surface...

And I know how you feel but applying materials and setting the right light is the key...:shocked:


Thanks Lambert

Not to worried about the lighting and materials at the moment, just trying to get my head around modeling meshes and figuring out how to reshape and position them around the 3D environment :thumbsup:

Thanks for the tips, I'll have a lot of questions for you, Chris and MrTom in the near future
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Yeah, when your head starts buzzing too much, take a break and :beerchug:
...that's another days work...
Shouldn't be that bad, as long as all the objects are set to cast and receive shadows and you have a light source then the render does all hard work for you.....that's what 3D is all about!

Sorry Ged, I now see shadows on the original....they are very faint but there.....just. (And on the second one too...very faint)

Darken 'em up a bit and she'll be right.


Great job Ged!

But as Chris and MrToM already stated its time to play with light and you'll see a completely different 'tableau'.
Also dare to change the view by lowering the camera and accentuate the light on one corner of the board (the shadows will follow).

Sometimes you have to change the view and light until the eureka moment. I can't explain this, its a feeling...
But you're on the right way and I'm glad you didn't give up.