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  1. admin

    Maintenance PSG Forum Downtime Scheduled for Monday October 16

    We will be performing a major forum software update tomorrow (Monday, October 16), at approximately 4:00 PM pacific time. The forum will be closed and unavailable for posting for several hours, up to 24 hours. When completed, the forum will be back online with a new look and new functionality...
  2. Pipsmom

    High Sierra and well intended helper

    Oh we really do need a space for moaning and venting computer headaches don't we? Never ever let a well intended family member touch your computer I say :bustagut: Out of the blue my hubby decides late last night to be a help me and installed the new High Sierra to my Mac since he had...
  3. Pipsmom

    Getting back to work

    It's amazing how a little time, another "older" birthday and a whole lot of emotion can set you back and you forget stuff..... so I'm throwing myself back into practice so not to think to much..... Not perfect or my best work as I've cant find my caring and precision yet....just taking it slow...
  4. N

    Slice and randomize

    Hey there, I have an image here and rather little experience with photoshop. I want to divide that image into smaller parts (proabably using the slice tool, right?), and then piece it back together randomly. Is there a way to do that, and if so, how? Any assistance is highly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. D

    Greetings from Brit'Ney

    Hi, I'm sort of new to this Forum although I have been here before under a Pseudonym which I've long forgotten under which it was suggested that myself and ibclare should "get a room". As it's so long ago and I can barely remember why I've entered a room never mind what my log in details were I...
  6. S

    adding object(s) to a photo

    hi guys :) girl i met few days ago wants me to photoshop her dog with scuba tank and other equipment (mask..) thats too much for my skill level that is almost equal to zero can someone please photoshop scuba tank on the dogs back and make it like hes breathing from it? i must capture her...
  7. A

    How do I find out my current grid settings?

    Hello there, I need some help figuring out what my current guide is set at. I've been using the same settings for a very long time but now I need to change it. I need to go back to the current settings once I'm done with the new one so I don't want to mess with it.
  8. R

    Night Mode mistake - Can someone change back to normal colors.

    I purchased a Go Pro knockoff camera for a recent vacation trip to try. I was playing with the settings in a cave and had it on night mode. The following day I was taking pics on the ocean while kayaking and all my still shots were still in night mode so everything has a white hue to it. I'm...
  9. gedstar

    3D Blender back to basics for me :)

    Just decided to get back into Blender again and realized I had forgotten almost everything I thought I learnt previously :shocked: so starting from scratch again Working on this Chess Set project, so far I've created the chess board using Sub Divisions to create the first 4 squares from a Grid...
  10. L

    Put the focus on me and my fiance and not the fence.

    Hi, I'm Caleb and I recently proposed to my girlfriend and my friend took pictures, but he isn't such a skilled photographer and focused on the wrong aspects of what was happening, this is one of the best pictures we got back and I was wondering if there was anyway you could get us into focus...
  11. D

    Can you please help me edit this picture?

    Hello everyone, nice to meet you :) Can you please help me remove the 3 plates in the picture and also the lady in the back? I'm sorry I don't know how to rotate picture in this post... Thank you so much :D
  12. K

    Quick Photoshop request

    Hey, if possible could someone please remove the sweat stain from my back and smooth the crease in my shirt on my left arm/shoulder? Thanks.
  13. R

    File type on export

    From Lightroom I frequently do edit in --> open as layers in photoshop, i normally blend two layers (ambient & Flash) for my workflow. when finished in photoshop and saved back to lightroom the file type is a tif, is it possible to save back as raw or nef, the reason I ask is a new lens only has...
  14. T

    Hello everyone!

    Hi Newbie here. I am doing photoshop/photoediting as an On and Off hobby. Life keep me busy but somehow I just keep coming back... After years Off, my just-barely-there knowledges/skills before was No More. hope I could get what I am looking for here.
  15. Inkz

    SWBC Logo + Proud Sponsor

    So I made a logo a little while back for the SWBC which I'm a avid member and now a proud sponsor of the group. Basically we as a group get together for meetings and competitions and raise money for charity like The Air Ambulance and The Lions Barber. Anyway, here's the Tee that will be...
  16. M

    Restore faded photo

    I would like to have this photo restored. The borders are the original color of the photo. Can it be blended back to the original without the edges being a different color?
  17. Pipsmom

    Dirt Question

    Hey guys.....friendly pest asking for you advice again as to what you would do.....I'm having conflicting doubts the best way to proceed as I want it to look convincing so I came to a screeching halt to ask your option before proceeding. A little back ground...I've been extremly lucky having...
  18. LemonLuuk

    Back at it again.

  19. Tiffer73

    Made the jump from 5.5 to CC!!

    I've used Photoshop for many years until about 5 years ago when I dropped out of it for a while. Now I'm back and I've upgraded to CC! Some things are different but getting used to it! Thanks!
  20. gedstar

    3D Robot Dog

    This is a WIP from another tutorial, it's suppose to be an animation but I have to go back and redo the movements again as they're not quite right Anyway here's what I have so far, just a rendered image