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  1. Bobzworld

    anybody know how to put the "new document" back?

    anybody know how to put the "new document" back in the new photoshop instead of the template option?
  2. G

    Photoshop request!

    Hi there! I was hoping someone could help me change the number on my back to 1383... thank you very much!!
  3. M

    Photoshop disables the function of rmb.

    Hey, I've run into a problem today, my ps changes function of my right mouse button so it no longer drops down the option menu. It does it for whole system not only ps. Im forced to log out or restart pc to reset it back to normal ( worked just fine yesterday. ). Any idea how to fix it ? It's...
  4. LemonLuuk

    Im back!

    I've been away for a while and im back. So what do you guys think about these 2 covers?
  5. Pipsmom

    Select and Mask

    Is it me or does anyone else find after selecting out a part on a imagine then go to select and mask in 2017 PS that it never does a really good job keeping the mask where you want it to be around the edges when you return back..... Frustrating going back and forth trying to find a happy place...
  6. Eggy

    How to Find the Original Refine Edge Tool in Photoshop CC 2017

    Those who are using PS CC 2017 and can't get used to the 'select and mask' here's a tip how to get 'Refine Edge' back:
  7. agentmoeller

    Star Wars Christmas Special

    A slightly upgraded version of a design I posted a while back. For Xmas!
  8. K

    Making 3D Cube with Transparent Layer

    Hi! I'm a total newbie at using 3D tools in Photoshop. I have CS5 Extended v12.0 and I want to create a cube similar to what is shown here but with a transparent honeycomb pattern (see through). I also want to remove the back sides so it a cube with the three front-facing sides that are...
  9. L

    War hero request

    Hi all, I have a photo of my late great-grandfather who was a Royal Artillery serviceman who saw active service during World War 1, he has since passed away in the mid 1970's and all we have of his time in the forces is this old grainy photo and a WW1 shell casing from the battlefront itself ...
  10. F

    return member

    Yes yes, I'm back. Have been very busy with lots of things, including art school, but for some time now I'm back creating in PS, so I thought it was time to return here and maybe enroll in a few contests. (and learn, of course!) My teacher at art school decided I could mix PS with manual art...
  11. LemonLuuk

    Please help me..

    So im back after 1 year. Finally. Now im making rap covers for friends of mine but i really do need help with it.. What can i do to make this look better?
  12. I

    Can someone please put me in Back To The future 3 clock picture

    Hello! I went to a special Back To The Future 3 event where you could take a picture in front of the famous clock. I'm the guy on the left. Can someone please put me in the movie as Marty? Thanks a lot!
  13. Jerry D

    Improving an image

    I was reading this thread and was curious about the "make it a more high quality" part. How would you go about that? The first thing that popped into my inexperienced head was take it to Illustrator, trace, vectorize ( is that even a word? ) and enlarge it, then come back to Ps and...
  14. ZeroCool22

    Photomanipulation "They are back".

    Photomanipulation "They are back".
  15. hershy314

    Lonely Tree

    I haven't posted any photo manipulations in a while. Thought I'd try to get back into it. Seeing how I'll have a lot of free time coming up.
  16. admin

    Maintenance Forum Maintenance August 8, 2016

    The forum will soon be going offline for about an hour to complete some software upgrades. During this time the forum will be inaccessible. Once the forum is back online, let us know here if you encounter any issues after the upgrade.
  17. gedstar

    Free up Windows 10 Disk Space with Compact OS

    This is not PS related but just thought I'd post it for anybody running out of C Drive space on a Windows 10 PC I ran the command on a test machine and was able to claw back 2GB of C Drive space, not a lot considering the price and size of SSD's and Hard Drives these day's but hey every little...
  18. gedstar

    What's happening to the forum?

    OK just starting a new thread, seems to me that the forum has been kinda dead for the last while and I would love to see it back to the way it use to be. We don't seem to get people posting Photo Manipulations, Before and Afters and the likes anymore, even the challenge thread is sadly dying a...
  19. Paul

    Grand Moff Tarkin returns Digitally.

    All smudge and burn, he's coming back guys. click image to run gif file please.
  20. gedstar

    New Photo Manipulation

    Not sure whether I like this, but just trying to get my mojo back, there's nothing worse than looking at a blank canvas and I've been looking at a lot lately :bustagut: