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War hero request

Hi all, I have a photo of my late great-grandfather who was a Royal Artillery serviceman who saw active service during World War 1, he has since passed away in the mid 1970's and all we have of his time in the forces is this old grainy photo and a WW1 shell casing from the battlefront itself !

I'm hoping someone can help color it and breathe life back into this old photo (best I have sorry as I cant get it out of frame to scan as it is too fragile)

Grandad Jennings.jpg

Also there is one of me, from the forces taken in 2001 however it was ruined from not being stored properly and I'd like it bought back to life for future generations.

Army Original.jpg

Thanks in advance all, any help appreciated :)
I'm only a new learner but used your picture to practice. More experienced users will give you what your looking for. Thanks for the lend
I'm studying, gathering uniform color reference and going to practice on your great grandfathers photo...but it will take me some time

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WOW Lee thats fantastic as well as touching!

thanks pipsmom that's what I was looking for,don't get me wrong the original is brilliant in itself but I think by modern standards my rendition acts as a memorial for all those that did (my grandfather and the red poppy) and all those millions that didn't (sepia poppies).