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File type on export

Ruidoso Bill

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From Lightroom I frequently do edit in --> open as layers in photoshop, i normally blend two layers (ambient & Flash) for my workflow. when finished in photoshop and saved back to lightroom the file type is a tif, is it possible to save back as raw or nef, the reason I ask is a new lens only has a lens profile that works with raw. I have used the profile while in lightroom on the raw images but then I have an alignment issue and even using auto align in photoshop the images get slightly soft. I have found that my best results are when the files are opened as layers in PS it is best to have no lens corrections or profiles assigned, thus my small issue. I guess I could manually create a profile to apply to a tif but saving back as a raw would save that. Hope I have made my situation clear (as mud).
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