1. T

    Wedding pics: Post editing. washed put, contrast tones? How to...

    Hi Working through a batch of wedding edits, I've managed to achieve (at most!) the more subtle tones of a picture, but i'd like to try and produce something that is a little more darker that most wedding photographers are able to achieve. it maybe in RAW editing its toggling vibrance and the...
  2. C

    Batch Automation Automate photo autocorrection

    Hello, I have heavy directory with many RAW photos. I would like to ask Photoshop automatically correct all photos. When I open RAW image, Photoshop opens it in Camera Raw. There I can do all necessary things to make photos look better. I just set white balance to Auto and just pres another...
  3. S

    Need some help with a missing part

    I photographed this male Pallid Harrier in the middle of the spring in Northern Greece. I just missed the one wing primary edges, but somehow i would like to add the missed edges (and also add some space around it). Here is a jpg saved form a Raw file without any editing in PS in the best...
  4. jarhtmd

    How to convert Canon 70D RAW (CR2) files to DNG

    I use Photoshop CS6. Until recently I always shot JPG, but have started shooting raw (CR2) with my Canon 70D. I would like to convert the CR2 files to DNG. How do I do that? I tried downloading/installing AdobeDNGConverter7.1, but it doesn't recognize the files as convertible.
  5. M

    Trying to speed things up..

    but after a few late nights editing, I think I'm in brain drain mode. This should be simple but seems complicated? The Slow Way Open 2 x NEF image files in Camera Raw from Bridge, then after RAW processing click "DONE" rather than "OPEN IMAGE" in Photoshop, then tell Bridge to open as layers...
  6. R

    File type on export

    From Lightroom I frequently do edit in --> open as layers in photoshop, i normally blend two layers (ambient & Flash) for my workflow. when finished in photoshop and saved back to lightroom the file type is a tif, is it possible to save back as raw or nef, the reason I ask is a new lens only has...
  7. C

    Camera Raw edit distortion with upgrade to Photoshop CC 2077

    Hi I am a newbee to this forum but a relatively experienced photographer and user of Photoshop. I recently followed the links and upgraded from CC 2015.5 to CC 2077 and have noticed a problerm with Camera Raw which only materialized after the upgrade. When I open a raw file (NEF) and tweak one...
  8. Arrrgh

    ▶ Sugestions for tidying up this weird wavy line sky ? ◀

    Hey guys I have a wavy line sky which I'm struggling to tidy up. I've tried various blur techniques but nothing seems to work. I no longer have the raw file (so I can't reprocess). Any advice, tutorial links, additional software suggestions would be great... Thanks Paul
  9. F

    Batch Automation Automate Camara raw

    Hello All! As you have noticed, i am quite new to the forum. I am a bit used to photoshop, but not the nicly automate tool embeded in Photoshop. The thing is that i hav 2 full cards of 16 gb, that needs some correction. Camara has been used by some friends, and some needs ajustment in camara...
  10. W

    Layers workflow, modify any adjustment anytime?

    This has been puzzling me for a while: As shown in the picture attached, I have a layer that controls the saturation at the top, but when I make changes to the saturation settings, the saturation in the blur layer below stay unchanged (originally the saturation layer was below the blur layer...
  11. N

    Can't update Camera RAW

    I know this is super common question and problem but all the solutions I see offered either do not apply or don't fix my issue. I used to be a regular photographer and Photoshop user but I stepped away from it for a couple of years. I sold my camera equipment and have not opened my PS for a long...
  12. M

    Elements 11 and RW2 files

    I have Elements 11 and have just purchased a Lumix FZ72 camera, a current model. Elements 11 will not open the RW2 RAW files it produces, what do I need to do?
  13. B

    Activation/Upgrade Help

    I use Photoshop CS6. The other day I had to get a new computer, I cloned the old drive to a new one in the new computer. PS opened fine but when I went to use Bridge and open images in Camera Raw there was a message that said I had to open photoshop before Camera Raw would work. I opened images...
  14. D

    Camera Raw vs. Windows Photo Viewer vs. Canon display

    Hi Guys, got soemthing weired going on and can't figure out whats wrong. If i check the raw images I just took with my canon in Windows Photo viewer the look exactly like they look on the tiny display of the camera. In Camera Raw however they look sarker and more desaturated. I don't know what...
  15. L

    PS:CS 6 - Darkening a white area in my layer

    Hello, I have been trying to do something that you'd think would be relatively simple. Unfortunately I must be stupid cause despite countless googles and hours of work, I did not manage to get the desired result. I have a layer, where there's a lot of white and a purpleish border. I want...
  16. A

    Converting an animated image to a Raw sketch

    Hi All I was wondering if there was a way to convert this animated image to a raw sketch : I was hoping to use the sketch for a college project i am working on. I would really appreciate some help if someone could guide me here. Thank you
  17. D

    how to speed up my pc

    What items do i need to purchase to speed up my pc in order to work with bigger images such as full raw files without it lagging??? here are the specs on my PC
  18. M

    camera raw

    after using camera raw for awhile now it suddenly started giving me the blue "noise" as it opened each photo. it does it for files i had opened without any issues before. i reinstalled camera raw. any idea how i get rid of it? see attachment. thanks
  19. K

    RAW converter updates

    Hi, I brought new camera Canon 5DsR and now if I need raw converter update (I use CS6), there are only DNG converters available. So I need to convert them before I can open in Abobe raw converter (double time). How can I make things easier again (have to buy CC?)? Thank You!
  20. S

    Shadows & Highlights in Camera Raw filter....

    Hello, Quick question! I have been using camera raw to edit the shadows and highlights values of an image. But I need to recreate this outside of camera raw so I can apply it via a colour lookup table to multiple images. The option via Image/Adjustments/Shadows Highlights hasn't given me the...