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Camera Raw edit distortion with upgrade to Photoshop CC 2077


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I am a newbee to this forum but a relatively experienced photographer and user of Photoshop.
I recently followed the links and upgraded from CC 2015.5 to CC 2077 and have noticed a problerm with Camera Raw which only materialized after the upgrade.
When I open a raw file (NEF) and tweak one of the sliders (auto, exposure etc) the edit screen becomes jumbled and will only recorrect if I reclick on the edit pane.
I'll endeavor to post a screen capture to illustrate.
I am running a Dell with Win 10, 16GB RAM and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX750 Graphics processor.
In order to try to correct this I have upped the resource usage from 65 % to 75% - endeavored to update the graphics card driver, disabled usage of the graphics driver in Performance settings - ALL seemingly to no avail.
It is not a huge problem but one that slows my workflow.
Has anyone had this problem and/or any suggestions on how to remedy it ?
Many thanks for your consideration in advance