1. U

    Difficult one - Vector profile pic

    Hi, Not sure how difficult this is but can someone change my picture into a vector type profile? Kinda like this: Ideally i'd like no mouth, eyes or nose on the pic. Just a head, shoulders (with a plain t-shirt - that i could fill in with my chosen colour) Hair and eyebrows, i'd also like...
  2. R

    File type on export

    From Lightroom I frequently do edit in --> open as layers in photoshop, i normally blend two layers (ambient & Flash) for my workflow. when finished in photoshop and saved back to lightroom the file type is a tif, is it possible to save back as raw or nef, the reason I ask is a new lens only has...
  3. C

    PC/Mac different colors

    Hi! These samples comes from the same project file. One was saved on PC and second on Mac using equal color profile settings. Saturation in both resulting png files is different and that's my problem :) Why? Example 1 Example 2
  4. K

    New here, could somebody plz help me tidy up this image of my dogs

    Hi I am looking to either get the outlines on this image that I have edited myself cleaned up or I can upload the 3 original pix that I took for somebody to place them and make it look better for me. I am am looking to do dog walking and wish to use a picture of my 3 dogs on my profile...
  5. S

    Please edit this picture?

    Hi Gurus, If someone have time for this, can you edit this photo a little bit, something with curves, for good colors. For a facebook profile not something special, I want to see what photoshop can do. Tanks! (sorry for my english)
  6. O

    Request - I need a profile picture / avatar. Majestic lion xD

    Hey guys, I really need a new profile picture / avatar. I want a drawing of a lion, possibly roaring. It's really up to you. I want the lion to have a crown if possible. I have posted a few images of what I use at the moment and I love these photos. But I want to mix it up. I want the...
  7. F

    Modify a profile picture

    Hi all! Wondering if anyone would be kind enough to Photoshop my profile picture to remove my sister. I need a "casual day" picture and my name is gender-neutral so I don't want there to be any confusion. Thank you in advance!
  8. L

    Would love some help!!

    Hi everybody!! It's nor often I get a picture taken when I'm suited and booted but last week I managed it for Henley Regatta. A decent picture was actually taken before I got too drunk and I was hoping to use it as my LinkedIn profile picture, the only thing is is that you can see my...
  9. J

    Yes, another color management issue..

    Hi, I'm new to the forum, but not to Photoshop or color management issues. I have searched high, low, in, out, up, down, left to right, and any other dimension of search you can fathom to find an answer. Perhaps you guys can help! So, while I'm not a master at Photoshop, nor do I TOTALLY...
  10. B

    Photoshop request

    I have no experience what so ever with Photoshop etc, and I wanted to make a logo for our Instagram profile. I tried a few times but some horrible things came out. Hence I started looking on google and found this forum. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out. I need a logo of...
  11. admin

    New Forum Features: Activity Points, Levels, Achievements, Awards

    We are pleased to announce that some major new features for the forum rolling out today. Photoshop Gurus Forum now has a system for Activity Points, Levels, Achievements, Awards, and Trophies. These will be displayed on user profiles and posts in the forum, along with a leaderboard. You may...
  12. G

    Round tripping from Lr to Ps with a custom color profile?

    Hi all. I have created a custom color profile for my monitor and use it in OS X and Ps. Lr uses a different color space and won't let me use my custom space that I am using in Ps. So when I "edit in" from Lr to Ps, Ps says that the embedded profile does not match the working profile and...
  13. mikecox

    My first question? Why is my Profile/general tab different

    I was reading a tutorial the other day and the Profile image that was used was different from mine. I'm confused by the number of version of Ps I have in the Programs folder. There is Ps CC (64bit) dated 6/14, Ps CC dated 6/14 and Ps CC 2014 dated 10/14. I am assuming that 2014 is the current...
  14. D

    Unable to apply abstract profiles as part of an action.

    Hello - new member here, I am using CS6 on Windows 7. When I try to convert to profile specifying an abstract profile in an action I get an error message: "could not complete the command because of a program error" Has anyone here been able to do this? Thanks Dr. B.
  15. A

    profile divider i made

    This is my profile divider i made... what are your thoughts?
  16. Unmasked

    Not Having a good week...Profile Mismatch

    Hi there folks; In what appear to be one-of-those-weeks, after getting some good and knowledgeable help from one of the learned gents here (Tom Mann) Photoshop now appears to be taking on a semi-independant life of it's own... Technical stuff first...Running Win 7 Ultimate, Eizo monitor...
  17. P

    Converting from Adobe RGB to sRGB color correction

    Hi, I work as a retoucher and a huge problem I have is when I work for a client who both wants to print and put their ads on the web. Im always working in Adobe RGB unless Im doing a job for web only. My problem is that when I convert my images from Adobe RGB to sRGB it narrows down the...
  18. C

    Is PS color profile conversion function reliable?

    I have a problem which driving me nuts for a long time. I'm using CS5 with my monitor calibrated by Spyder2Pro and device ICC correctly be defined in Windows7 color management. Expected if I convert a profiled picture to another color space, it will just the same as you preview it via...
  19. Hoogle

    customisable facebook profile banner template

    Here is how to have a customisable facebook banner step 1 open up psd file and place your image to fit within the document the blue lines are guidelines showing you where facebook will split the image once edited the file save as a jpeg go to The original way to customize...
  20. O

    Can't upload profile picture

    HI folks, just joined today and i'm having trouble loading a profile picture. I have resized to 400 px but still can't get em to load. What am i doing wrong.:sad: