1. Jerry D

    Advertisements on the board

    Am I seeing things or were there some displayed earlier today?
  2. T

    Sorry for rule breaking

    Sorry admins, I have read the rules and made an innocent error in replying to a topic this morning. I thought I was in the free board.
  3. gedstar

    3D Blender back to basics for me :)

    Just decided to get back into Blender again and realized I had forgotten almost everything I thought I learnt previously :shocked: so starting from scratch again Working on this Chess Set project, so far I've created the chess board using Sub Divisions to create the first 4 squares from a Grid...
  4. F

    Hello from Ireland

    Hello, Complete photoshop newb here, im such a newb its not even funny:banghead:. Glad to be on board!:)
  5. inkpad.t

    Sites Show Board.

    Seems when i log in that the sites show board section is no longer visible... has it been removed or amalgamated with another section ?
  6. chrisdesign

    3D Play the Game

    Eggy has inspired me to create this work . With his 'Fence Face' image I came up with the idea to make it into a concept of a game board. Like so many of my images this is only a fantasy job. Please comment on it if you like.
  7. G

    Glad to be on board...

    Hi Out there... Been working with Photoshop since its inception. Trust I will learn a lot more by reading and digging into all that has been said from the beginning of this site. Glad to be on board. Good news. Have one for the books. Need help from a learned Guru. Need to help out a friend who...
  8. R

    Tips for adding a drop shadow

    Hello, I have an image of a guitar finger board. I wanna add a logo on the actual board, behind the strings. I though of a way, which is to just add the logo, and delete the areas of the logo which overlap with the strings, thus making an effect of having the logo behind the strings. Is there...
  9. M

    game board modifications

    Hello, i'm searching for someone who can help me improve my board game. I already made a first design of the game board, but my skills in illustrator are not quite good. Maybe you as a professional have a proposal how you can improve the game board. Maybe add are more realistic touch (to the...
  10. J

    any vapers on board?

    How many vapers we have on on here? What's your favorite brands, flavors, etc...
  11. P

    Making wood trim in PS

    Hi, I frequently add wood molding on to an image of a house. It has been working OK so far but after a real lot of playing around. I really don't know if I'm doing it the right way of if there is a better way since it takes so long. What I have been doing is creating a new layer and making a...
  12. B

    Board Text

    I'm not much of a complainer but...the text on the board is a nightmare for me to try and read because it's way to light. I have a lot of friends that won't even come here and go somewhere else because of the color of the text and I'm beginning to feel the same way. It may be the trends but...
  13. W

    Newbie on board

    Hi all, my names Webb just dropped by to say hello using psp9 been away from the Seen a bit of late tho :cheesygrin:
  14. alixman96

    I got board u know

    i like to miss around with random pics when i get board ok here is some thing i did yesterday hehe sorry i didnt mean to cheat with the hair but I tried hard to extract it didnt work so i cut it off :mrgreen: but i tried to make some thing profecional but again there is a reason they call some...
  15. Y

    Hi nembi on board with some help that i need :/

    17 years old from st louis missouri. I just created a facebook for the first time and the first picture and only picture i have is a mess and i was wondering if someone could help me out, i would really appreciate it. The mirror is very dirty and i was wondering if someone could Photoshop it...
  16. M

    Newbie On Board. . .

    :lol:(. . .and i really mean that, too!) hey, everyone. my name is MoJo & not only am i new to this forum, but i am also new to everything Photoshop. my son got me PSE9 this past Christmas and, before i learned how to do anything in that, i received an offer from Adobe to purchase PS CS5 at...