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  1. C

    Gradient Style for shape?

    I'd like to create or download a style for a shape fill that is a gradient blending outwards from a point (I'm making flowers), that I can choose the two colours, or create a number of my own custom ones. Can anyone recommend a download, or tell me the steps to create one myself? I'm using PS...
  2. V

    How To Create a Dr. Who Time And Space Vortex

    In this tutorial we’ll be creating a Time & Space Vortex (like that used in Doctor Who) completely inside of After Effects. We will be using Trapcode Particular, and Trapcode Shine to create the vortex. Then I will teach you a vital Expression that drives the camera and completes the Effect...
  3. F

    how to create this?

    could someone please explain me how to create this effects with this logo? thanks in advance
  4. V

    Create Promotional Rendering for High-End Action Figure Packaging

    Creating artwork for package designs can be challenging because the artwork that you create doesn’t look the same on your screen as it does on the shelf. This can cause confusion when presenting a design to a client because the client will want to know what it looks like on the shelf, not on...
  5. V

    Create a Galaxy Globe in Illustrator

    Today, we have another VideoCreative Tutorial. In this tutorial I will show you how to create the ‘Galaxy Globe’ that I created for the Vector Snow Globe Showdown. We’ll use Opacity Masks, Mesh Tool, and more. Learn how to create an imaginative scene in Illustrator. You can view some key images...
  6. JustThisGood

    Create the perfect Sepia Tone Effect!

    Thanks for watching PSG!
  7. V

    Create High-End Action Figure Packaging

    With collectables, the packaging of the product is often as important as the craftsmanship of the product itself. In this two-part VideoCreative tutorial, author Tim Kyde will explain how to create packaging for a high-end 1/6 scale action figure.Part 1 of this tutorial will explain how to shoot...
  8. V

    Create a Kung Fu Panda Diptych in Adobe Illustrator CS5

    In this tutorial learn how to create a WoW inspired Kung Fu Panda character illustration. It’s time for some vector kung fu. You can view some key images from this tutorial on View Now Tutorial Details * Program: Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop CS5 * Difficulty: Advanced *...
  9. V

    After Effects Create A Fake Futuristic iPad Promo

    In this tutorial, we will be creating a futuristic transparent iPad using After Effects and some green screen footage. Don’t feel limited to creating a stationary tablet. If you want to create a promo for an app or a website, here is an awesome way to show it off! Enjoy! Tutorial Details...
  10. A

    Batch Automation Can I adjust levels and color and create action to automate?

    I have a set of indoor fluorescent-lit pictures that have all different kinds of bluish tints to them. Unfortunately, some have more blue than others while others seem almost perfect. Is it possible to record an action using one picture and then get equal levels and coloring on the others (even...
  11. G

    Easiest way to CREATE gradient banding?

    I've searched high and low for an easy way to do this, but of course it turns out most people want to remove gradient banding :) I know usually people need to get rid of gradient banding, but I actually need to create it. So, what is the easiest way to create gradient banding? I know...
  12. V

    Create a Surreal, Politically-Charged Photo Manipulation

    Photoshop is a fantastic tool to help you create all types of artwork. By combining the right photographs, you can say just about anything you want without saying a word. In this VideoCreative tutorial, author Mario Sánchez Nevado will demonstrate how to create a politically charged photo...