1. S

    Hello from a Uni student in cloudy and cold England!

    Hi, I'm Simona... a Digital Arts student in a UK University. :wave: I already have a question on how a certain effect has been created on a few images. I guess I'll have to create a new thread with that question since this is only for an introduction right? Thanks! Hope everybody is having a...
  2. gautamz07

    My Parallax footer

    Hey guys ! whts up , I miss you all , had nothing to do today , So just went around surfing the web and got some inspiration to create a animated waves effect : heres the result : its all CSS-3 ;) Please tell me if you liked my small demo . Thank...
  3. IamSam

    Caricature Challenge

    A recent thread featuring some caricature work has raised my long time interest in the genre/style. Since I haven't made one in a while, I thought it might be fun to challenge some of you guys to create some caricatures of your own. Here is one to kick things off! Paul..............we need...
  4. R

    How to Create Charts in photoshop

    how to create charts in photoshop, what do make chart need technique or plugin in photoshop? if you know anwser, please tell me :) chart like this
  5. K

    How to create yellow brick road

    Hello, I want to create the replica of the Yellow Brick Road from the Wizard of the Oz. more like this: I want red part to be relatively slimmer than the yellow part. I already tried to create a spiral from pattern tools...
  6. M

    A Journey Faraway

    Hello guys....I'm new to here....First of all i have to ask a help...Sorry for that..:) I have to create some work using this topic - A Journey Faraway But I dont have any idea about do what or anything... So please someone give me a idea for this topic.. What should i do...? What should...
  7. chrisdesign

    Design your Art Deco Poster

    I provide the create a colorful poster. Click to enlarge.
  8. R

    How would you do this in Photoshop?

    This illustration appeared in today's NY Times Sunday Magazine. I've been trying all afternoon to achieve the same effect in Photoshop using the photo of Charlotte Rampling (sigh!) as an example, but having no luck. When I looked closer at the NY Times article I noticed that the credits say...
  9. P

    Please Help - How To Do This Text Effect [VERY EASY]

    NOTE: All 3 samples are Kindle Erotica Book Covers. I couldn't find any non-erotica cover image. :redface: Question - I want to create a simple Kindle Book Cover (that is, front side only) like the cover images posted below. I just want to know how to create the Text Effect. That is, how to...
  10. T

    Vector lines 3D effect

    Hi everybody, I've been looking around, trying to find any informations to create a 3D effect using lines. I can't find anything explaining how to create it using photoshop, and I can barely find examples. I might not find the right words or terms to describe my need. Here is what I would like...
  11. C

    Create brush preset with variable hardness

    Hello, I'd like to create a simple brush preset so that the shape is maintained (simple circle) but the hardness can vary, just like the basic brushes that come with PS. When I create a brush preset now and try to use it, the hardness slider doesn't have a slide button. My ultimate purpose is...
  12. O


    Hi everyone! I'll keep posting questions on how to do stuff if that's okay?! Anyhow, stumbled on this picture on the internet and really love it! So how do I create the this effect thanks! Mod note: Please do not post links to images. Post the images to our server so that they may be...
  13. T

    After Effects New to After Effects

    I have some experience in Illustrator and Photoshop, but I'm brand new to After Effects. I'm trying to create an animation of several objects bobbing up and down on ocean waves. I've hit a snag though. I've run into trouble creating the bobbing animation. Here's an example. At about the fourth...
  14. Z

    Which Version Do I Need?

    Hello all, I have messed around with the full version of Photoshop afew years back and I was overwhelmed with all the features.I'm trying to update my website and add a fewbanners and other pictures that i need to create. Attached are a few examples of things I need to be able tocreate...
  15. J

    How to use CS5 to create this effect from snapseed?

    I would like to use CS5 to get this effect so I can edit more to how I'd like it but can't figure out how to get it there. I think it'll be some combination of layers to create an HDR kind of effect for starters but can't even seem to get close. I appreciate any help!
  16. A

    Help to create tattoo

    Hello everyone. I'm new here and I'm already have a request. I'm thinking of making a tattoo, I have some ideas but I don't have skills to visualize. I'm interested in ancient greek and sparta. Maybe someone can create a symbols if these: it's just an idea. I want something simillar. This is...
  17. R

    Effect Replication

    Hi Gurus, I have been working on trying to create an effect that resembles the image I have attached. I have been trying to figure out how I can achieve this accurately so that it does not look "effecty". I like the analog feel this art work has which is probably near impossible to recreate. I...
  18. C

    How to create a similar youtube thumbnail like this?

    I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on how to create this collage sort of effect for my youtube thumbnails? Thanks :)
  19. O

    How do I create this effect?!

    Hey Everyone! I'm a newbie here but I'll give it a go! :lol: Since a lot of the other posts have resulted in answers, hopefully you can help me aswell. I'm wondering how I create this effect (picture provided). For all I know it's based from sedimentary stone that later on turned out like this...
  20. D

    Create a smudged text effect

    Hello everyone! I am really new to photoshop and also new to this forum. I am looking for someone to either point me to a tutorial or explain how I could create this text effect. please help!!