1. L

    Something to be shown at the bottom when exceeds the top border

    Hi to all I'm sorry for my not so great title, but I just don't eally know how to call what I want to do... In general, I want to create a picture that if I were to duplicate it and put it on top of the original, it will "connect" and look like a continuation of the original picture. This is an...
  2. U

    Illustrator Creating white as a spot colour?

    Help- I am creating a document to print onto transparent bags. I want to create white as a spot colour. I cannot seem to change names if I create an alternative colour. Can anybody help? Thanks
  3. gautamz07

    creating dotted lines

    i am sure this should be relatively easy , but just don't know how ?? , i basically want to create something like this : notice the "dots" are actually rectangular . now this can be achieved with the pen tool and than using a brush and doing "stroke path" but there is a problems : --...
  4. D

    How to create height maps - craters!

    Hello again! :) How would one go about creating height maps like the one below? I'm wanting to use a few of these to create some craters - would be used in Mudbox and 3D Max as displacement maps. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :) Thanks! Daf
  5. M

    Hi Everyone ..its newbie..need help

    Hi I just wanted to ask you if can upload my work in this forum to show you guys if yes is there topic for the same or every time i need to create new topic for it. i do not wanted to get banned. Admin your kind help require. Thank you in anticipation :arrowl:
  6. gedstar

    Alt + Create new Fill or Adjustment Layer Photoshop CC2014 not working

    In Photoshop CS6 I can click on the Alt key and select Create new Fill or Adjustment Layer to create a new adjustment layer with options, but when I try the same in Photoshop CC2014 clicking the Alt doesn't work that way, is there something that I'm doing wrong or maybe there's another...
  7. M

    Best resolution to use for large dimension prints

    Hello there Photoshop fans, i have a question since this is my first attempt to create a large banner for print. It's dimensions are 350 cm x 95 cm and will be viewed from a distance of about 150 - 200 cm. What resolution to start with since when i tried to create a new document using 350 cm x...
  8. H

    Need help to create realism on photo manipulation

    Dear , I started using photoshop to create some apocalyptic backgrounds. First test was with a wallpaper from bing, which i replaced the fog with water/waves. My problem is the lack of realism. I had problems matching the colors of the waves and at the end i made all of them black&white and...
  9. J

    Old skool illustration

    Hey guys, another question to put out there. Been in graphic design for a couple of years but never had that much of an educated background in the field so I often have questions concerning techniques / methods. I was wondering if you guys could give me a bit of an idea as to how this sort of...
  10. T

    Need assistance in creating a Logo

    Hi guys, I have just got photoshop cs6, and I am a newbie, I need to create a logo like picture below with the same fonts, so I will appreciate if you can let me know what fonts are used and give steps to create a logo like this or just let me know what fonts are used and direct me to some...
  11. J

    How can I create this glow/lighting effect?

    How would I create this kind of glow/lighting effect shown here?:
  12. C

    [Request] Light wave tutorial?

    Hello everybody. I am new to this forum and was hoping that anybody here can assist me as web searches have come up inconclusive :banghead: What I am trying to find is the effect that can create the "lined wave" design that is above the GT-A logo. I don't know what you call it and how to...
  13. N

    Stencil or Silhouette Effect

    Hi, first forum post. Im a screen printer learning how to design for printing. In this post, I am trying to create a silhouette of all dark areas of a color image ( bridge with suspension cables, some water and horizon- no sun). I am not getting the results I am looking for. My steps: 1...
  14. L

    What's Up, Friends?

    Hey there! I'm Lexielai, and I'm a novice at Photoshop and Graphic Design. Although I'm not very good, I'm hoping to become better, so I decided to create an account here for questions I might have. I hope to have a fantastic time with you all!
  15. W

    Batch Automation Batch replacing Smart Objects

    Hi, everybody. I'm all new around here, but please allow me to skip the introduction and get right down to business. This is the deal - I need to create, and have done it with some minor success so far, a script in Photoshop which lays out vector logos onto pictures of clothing, in order to...
  16. inkpad.t


    Creation/Inspiration. I was taking a walk around the internet looking for ways to get the creative juices going and getting some inspiration to improve my work... I started to look at Introducing the 3d aspect in to works done in Photoshop. I am the type of person when i get to learn...
  17. N

    Loss of quality - noob here.

    Hi there, I use a template to create banners. These are simple banners to be used on the web. The banners are two main colors on-top of a product. The colors are red and teal. When I have to create a new banner, I have to go over the red and teal to then put text over them. Strangely; when...
  18. T

    Layer cut from layer gives white border.. help!

    Hi Guys. Let me dive straight into my problem. I want to create a layer out of a part of another layer. So there are 2 layers, but the picture still looks the same. The original layer is a picture of a guy in a garden. I want to cut the guy out and create a new layer out of him. I took the...
  19. O

    how to create a background like this?

    I want to create in Adobe Photoshop CS6 a background like the following. I have no idea how to do it. Can please nobody help me? any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance :)
  20. B

    Challenge me

    Ok, never done this before but I was wondering if someone could challenge me to either A) modify an image, B) replicate an image or C) create a new image. I'm obviously looking for something within my range so I probably won't take you up on the crazy challenges :confused: