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Ok, never done this before but I was wondering if someone could challenge me to either A) modify an image, B) replicate an image or C) create a new image.

I'm obviously looking for something within my range so I probably won't take you up on the crazy challenges :confused:
well more details needed here, I assume this is some kind of self assessment or do you want to go head to head with some of our members.

If you are just looking to test your skills then maybe look into some of our challenge threads where we have numerous subjects challenging members to all sorts of things.
Our challenges are a contest but they are also just meant to challenge our creativity and adventurous spirits! We learn a lot just by doing them and by being inspired by the others who post their entries. Look into some of the older ones and find something in your knowledge level that urges you to stretch a bit. You can always post it outside of the challenge now and get critique -- and praise of course!
Hey BIG, how difficult of a challenge do you want, beginner, intermediate, or advanced?
We also have a running challenge ....This one is Fantasy You can go back and check out the older ones, and the winners. Lots of fun, some are way tough...others are a breeze. either way, trying is 1/2 the fun, looking at others ideas is just as good!