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  1. Lucyd

    Lucyd Artwork Competition with big prize pool!

    Hello community! Lucyd, a quite new AR blockchain company, usually wants to deliver you the finest eyewear and smartglasses. And today we are happy to announce an artwork competition that gives you the target to craft visual digital content for the use by our community. The prize pool for this...
  2. ZeroCool22

    [Photomanipulation] The last look.

    This was for the contest, but couldn't get it on time lol.
  3. M

    Photo contest. Help needed!

    So I participated for a photo contest for Bugles but after I submitted the pic they told me I need to also have my hands or face in the image so I need you guys to help me out here. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could insert two hands with Bugles on the fingers playing soccer in the...
  4. IamSam

    Contest forum Announcement! Please read!

    One of our moderators, gedstar, expressed the desire to participate in the challenges so the administrative staff set out on figuring a way to allow Ged to join in the fun. Since the attachments of the Contest Forum are automatically moderated, the initial problem was, that it's part of the...
  5. Eggy

    Phlearn contest

    He's having a contest and provided a bunch a photo's of himself. I will not compete but I couldn't resist using one of his photo's to make this
  6. revnart

    Challenge #38, Revive dead things

    Hi, hope I'm doing it ok (it's my first time posting challenge) :) Thank you all for allowing me to take part in last challenge, and for votes and as always fun :) It's first day of month so I came up with an idea of new challenge: "Revive dead things" All you have to do is to give life to...
  7. Helios

    Challenge #36 - PSG, the album!

    Good morning PSGers, it's competition time again! Thanks again to everyone who took part in and voted in last month's contest. :thumbsup: Without further ado, I will announce that this month's contest theme is: If the Photoshop Gurus community was a band, what would our album cover look like...
  8. dv8_fx

    Challenge 34 (Advanced) SUBMISSION THREAD - Street Art

    Thank you, chrisdesign for creating this new challenge. To all eager participants... UPLOAD YOUR ENTRIES HERE. All entries will be hidden and can only be viewed during the voting period. For new members and first time challenge participants, please refer to the challenge guidelines...
  9. dv8_fx

    BASIC CHALLENGE #1 - Create a Mini Planet

    WELCOME TO OUR VERY FIRST PHOTOSHOP BASIC CHALLENGE!!! To start the ball rolling.... The solar system was never the same ever since scientists kicked out it's smallest member - Pluto. But don't fret as all is not lost because this challenge requires you to..... CREATE A MINI PLANET IN...
  10. dv8_fx

    PSGURUS' Photoshop CHALLENGE Guidelines

    Welcome to the forum's Photoshop Contest Area. Our activities here are meant to be fun so we want everyone among you to take part in the creative competitions. The following are the guidelines for our Monthly Member Challenges: CHALLENGE 1. There will be 1 challenge per month. 2...
  11. L

    Won A Design Contest Need Help Getting My Design Ready For Printing

    I won a shirt design contest and they suggested I send in a vector image but I don't have a copy of Illustrator and I designed it in Photoshop. So they said bitmap images were fine but they have to be 300 DPI and be at least the same size it's going to be on the shirt. My problem is...
  12. agentmoeller

    Another logo

    A couple years ago my employer held a logo contest for the employee wellness program. I won the contest, and started to see my logo popping up on posters, web pages and now - T-shirts. Pretty cool.
  13. chrisdesign

    Hi, I'm Marilyn. Color me like a Glamour Girl and give me a trendy background.

    This is a Fun Contest and open for everybody and all levels. Click to enlarge and use size for work.
  14. C

    Shoutout Video Contest!!

    Hey guys! I have a youtube channel, and make photoshop tutorials! And recently I just got 50 subscribers, so I'm having a little giveaway/contest! The winner will get a shout-out in my next video! So if you have a youtube channel, business, or website you wanted me to give a shout-out to watch...
  15. D

    "Greetings masters and fellow novices of photo manipulation"

    Hi everyone. I found this site by "Googling" Photoshop contest. I enjoy being creative and I'm looking for outside inspiration to learn Photoshop. I am a nurse and a new mom going back to school to further my nursing career. Undoubtedly this forum will serve as one of many sites to frequent...
  16. B

    Challenge me

    Ok, never done this before but I was wondering if someone could challenge me to either A) modify an image, B) replicate an image or C) create a new image. I'm obviously looking for something within my range so I probably won't take you up on the crazy challenges :confused:
  17. D2AP

    Speed Art/Time-lapse contest with prizes :)

    Here is link to a speed art/time-lapse contest I'm doing. Thought I'd share with you all. I apologize for the way I sound. It was late and I was trying to keep my voice down. Hope you all have fun and hope to see some of you enter. :cheesygrin: Prizes 1st place: 2 months in sub box, channel...
  18. M

    Crazy Challenge

    OK the goal of this challenge is not so simple. The goal is to make a signature, and background that match each other, In color and Theme. The prize will be revealed once the contest is declared over. There can only be 50 people entering this. I will not consider people leaving nothing more...
  19. J

    Fake a UFO Photoshop Contest With Prize

    In order to try and learn more about photo manipulation this UFO site is holding a Photoshop contest to see if people can make a realistic UFO picture. That's not even the weirdest part which is the winner of the contest that ends the end of this month (April) gets to have a star named after...
  20. M

    Camaro Photoshop Contest

    Ths is the challenge................. one must create the car that maches these criterias. The picture must be in high resolution and the picture must be as close as possible to the exact car discribed The Criteria Car- 2010 Camaro SS/RS Color- Victory Red Stripes-Rally Stripes, Hockey...