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"Greetings masters and fellow novices of photo manipulation"

Digital Angel

Hi everyone. I found this site by "Googling" Photoshop contest. I enjoy being creative and I'm looking for outside inspiration to learn Photoshop. I am a nurse and a new mom going back to school to further my nursing career. Undoubtedly this forum will serve as one of many sites to frequent when everyone is asleep and I'm wide awake.:eek:
Hi there....

About time you introduced yourself lmao. As always, great to have you here.

I've done my fair share of manipulations but don't seem to have time for them anymore.

Anyway, enjoy the boards and I hope to see you around soon.
Sorry for the delay lol. I kinda jumped right in before looking around:) I go by Digital Angel, Angel or DA and hope to be able to contribute to this forum as I learn
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Welcome to the forum DA.