1. S

    Please Help!! Urgent!!!

    Hi. I am looking for someone to help me with my logo. I have the basics of it down, but i would love it if someone gave it a white outline and make it look a bit nicer. Its for my schools new gaming club. I also would like it to have some color corrections. Thank you for your time and sorry for...
  2. D

    Help to remove facial hair from photo

    Hi guys i really need my facial hair to be removed from this picture for school graduation.Long story short i am graduating from school only if they accept my internship at some hotel but for some reason school is not accepting bearded students.I could take picture again but the hotel is in...
  3. S

    Random Edits

    Just a couple random edits that I made for my friends at school (per request). :P Let me know what you think!
  4. B

    I have a wierd question

    Hello Guys, I`m new here this is my first post. I`m going to a summer school to learn web design in photoshop. I`m doing it mainly to learn photoshop. But now for the weird question. THe school has 40 h of Photoshop teaching and practice. Will that be enough for me to design logos?
  5. L

    Need a school logo to be edited

    Hello everyone, Now I have this logo that?s in pretty bad shape and I was wondering if anyone is able to help me out by editing it a little The logo is for a school, and I was hoping to use it on a new school website which I am currently designing. Here?s the website...
  6. P

    Request "America First Nova Medical School Second" logo

    Hi i am from Portugal! Could someone help me? I am trying to do a parody for my university and i needed a copy of those logos that say America first *Coutry* Second. I Need a logo that has the symbol i uploaded ( my college symbol) saying "America first Nova Medical School Second". Hope i am...
  7. K

    uniform replacement

    Football Uniform edit Hey guys, I will be going to Indiana University to play football this next year. My school is highlighting that sometime this year in the school news bulletin. Would it be possible to get the current uniform is my picture (navy/gold uniform) replaced with the Indiana...
  8. K


    Hi everyone! Just doing a little intro here. My name is Kristin and I'm fairly new with photoshop.... it's something I use to be very familiar with about 7 years ago and now I am trying to get back into it. I should've followed my dream and went to school for graphic design but ended up going to...
  9. hershy314

    Abandoned School

    I was taking a walk around the neighborhood and came across an old school that has been abandoned. I found out the next day it was the old middle school. I snapped a few photos of the outside, thought about goin in but couldn't find an entrance and besides too many houses around. Didn't want to...
  10. Burned Ice

    This is probably a re-introduction

    Hey guys, I'm Burned Ice and I used to be active on this forum 4 years ago! now thát's a long time ago! It's great to recognise a few familiar names here (dv8_fx, Zeealex, Hoogle,..) I remember when we tried setting up a PS Guru online chat, those were the days :) I learned a great deal about...
  11. G

    Hello, could you please tell me how can i write in half circle to the empty space?

    Hi! Our school got a new name, and i want to "refresh" our logo, but im a noob in Photoshop. Could your please tell me, how can i write fonts in half-circle to the empty space? Thanks for help!
  12. W

    Batch Automation Need help on automation/ batch/ actions

    Hi There, Glad I found tis forum! Desperately need help on a way to automate school photography proof cards. Each image taken at a school needs to be placed on proof card, I'm tying to find out if I automate this process with photoshop! Please see proof this as an example...
  13. hershy314

    End of Days

    Haven't done one of these in a long time. A little rusty, but had fun. I hope to do more of these, just need to find the inspiration so keep doing this. Between school and working I'm always drained. Anyway here it is.
  14. Colombo516

    Colombo's Introduction

    Hello to everyone and i thank you in advance for spending your valuable time to read my introduction. I was born in Medellin, Colombia and migrated to New York when i was about 9 Years old or so. Needless to say, i was basically raised in queens. I picked up English pretty fast and proceeded to...
  15. hershy314

    Challenge 25 : Car Chop

    I have to say winning the last challenge was a complete surprise. Thanks to Mr.Tom for a fun challenge that made you think. And thanks to those who voted for me. This is very simple, just have fun. Using this image create something unique. I doesn't matter what you do, all I ask is that you...
  16. F

    And now for something completely different

    As a teenager, I used to draw a lot, people liked my drawings too. So when I was 15, I applied for art school (regular day school) and made it through two days of testing. However, I was not really talented enough and I gave up at 18, being in my second year for the second time. But I always...
  17. D

    "Greetings masters and fellow novices of photo manipulation"

    Hi everyone. I found this site by "Googling" Photoshop contest. I enjoy being creative and I'm looking for outside inspiration to learn Photoshop. I am a nurse and a new mom going back to school to further my nursing career. Undoubtedly this forum will serve as one of many sites to frequent...
  18. Jbknight3

    Black And White To Color!!

    Here is something I did for school back when I was in college. The assignment was to color a B&W photo of my choice. No specification of how to do it. I had to figure that part out. Got my image from here:
  19. Z

    ugh back to school tomorrow.

    if i'm grumpy tomorrow evening at about 4:00PM GMT sorry, but i have to wake up at 6 AM and bare witness to the monotonous droning of my teachers, so uhhm, yeah, sorry, but i could be happier, doubtful, but keep your hopes up :P yeah just a quick heads up if i am grumpier than normal tomorrow...
  20. Carson

    A quick before and after of a scanned schedule at school

    Before After P.S. Sorry for the sloppy presentation, it is just a quick post.