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  1. Jujuschi

    New crewmate :D

    Hey! I'm Angie and i'm new here :) I'm currently studying Game Design and just started getting serious with Photoshop. I'm looking forward to make new friends, learn and share my knowledge. Peace out :fairy:
  2. H

    Newbie looking for some direction

    I am new at Photoshop and looking for some direction on how to do something . I have a photograph that I took of a leaf that I want to put into a composite. What I am trying to do is create an outline around the leaf so that when I put the build together the leaf shows the outline better. I...
  3. R

    Hello to all!

    Hi everyone. I am Redzuan, new member from Malaysia. A beginner on photoshop and want to learn more on photoshop editing. Please show me a guidance. Thank you.
  4. furyy

    Need help for apply clothes to the girl

    Hey guys! My friend asked me (again) to apply some clothes onto her. I want to learn how to do it so I can do it myself too! She wants to use the dress in the separate picture. It must be as natural as possible. I think the lighting should be taken in consideration too. I hope someone can help...
  5. A


    Hi everyone, I'm really excited to learn more in Photoshop here. :cheesygrin:
  6. Z

    Hi from Maine

    Newbie here. Looking forward to learning much JT
  7. S

    Newbie from Sweden

    Yes i am newbie with photoshop. My special interest is: sci-fi,Star wars etc. I have always used freeware software like Gimp and Blender but i needed better quality for my works,thats why i choose photoshop. And now have a nice day :mrgreen:
  8. Eggy

    3D Blender - Vintage Gas Pump

    I'm getting there, step by step... Please do comment, but keep in mind I'm a newbie at this...
  9. D

    Hello - An Old Newbie

    Hi, I am David and am an old newbie to Photoshop / Lightroom, having "played" with other software over the years I have convertwed myself to the Photoshop world. So I am in a STEEP LEARNING CURVE! I am currently using a Canon 760D with a Panasonic Lumix TZ100 as my carry-around camera. David...
  10. T

    What the ?

    Hi all. Please give me the correction for this : Newbie :cheesygrin:
  11. J

    New newbie here trying to make a bowed line like in a graph

    Hey, i am new here so i hope i've posted right. I want to make this kind of line: Just obviously with straight lines. I want it to look like a graph kind of line. I have tried to use the pen tool but i can't make it work. Any better ways or perhaps a way to make it easier for me with the pen...
  12. B

    Cool effect

    I saw this effect and wondered how this was done! Newbie and learning here!
  13. K

    Hello newbie here!

    Hello Everyone good morning! I just want to say Hi/Hello to all off you. Love, KrakenSpraken.:thumbsup:
  14. E

    Changing the size of a bar

    Hi, I'm a complete newbie when it comes to photoshop (using Photoshop 2015 CC), so I might have a hard time explaining this. I have a psd file and I'm trying to change a progress bar, I didn't create the image, but I have permission to change it and alter it. This is what the progress bar looks...
  15. T

    Struggling with Background effect

    I'm not sure if i'm posting this in the right area. New to photoshop, creating my company's new website, and would like to recreate the effect of the attached photo- with the grey over the bright colors. Anyone have any ideas as to how to achieve that? Appreciate any/everyone's help. Thank you!
  16. P

    Newbie Here

    Hi All, I am kind of newbie here. I used photoshop in the past but I stopped using it because my last day job didn't require it. I now own my own business and I need to use it create banners. Unfortunately, I don't remember most of the photoshop techniques so hopefully people in this forum can...
  17. R

    Giving a modern photo an antique look.

    Hi guys, I am new to photoshop, and I wonder is there any ways that I can create this rustic filter on my images like this images I pulled out from Harry's? Thanks in advance!
  18. P

    I started out in Final Fantasy Dissidia

    Hello everyone! The first time I ever took a dive into the world of photoshopping it was part of my enthusiasm for Final Fantasy: Dissidia, a game released for the PlayStation Portable, aka PSP. Above you can see the result of that experience (CosmicalGolbez was an online buddy). A forum was...
  19. B

    Hello Everyone...

    Hi! My name is Benoit Leblanc I'm fairly new with Photoshop... I'm working in the marketing department of a wholesale company... I mainly take pictures of new products, edit them in Lightroom and Photoshop, then make several version of each items the company is selling for the web and making a...
  20. D


    Hello everyone, newbie here! :D