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Crazy Challenge

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OK the goal of this challenge is not so simple.
The goal is to make a signature, and background that match each other,
In color and Theme.

The prize will be revealed once the contest is declared over.
There can only be 50 people entering this.
I will not consider people leaving nothing more than text as an entry.

Requirements that must be met:
Must be created in Photoshop.
The signature must say "Naruto" or incorporate this name into it.

Tools you must use:
Render of some kind.

Tools you cannot use:
Any thing that states "Saturation" in it.
Any "circular" brush.

You may only use the images stated.
the images below (Suggestions.) And any other "Naruto" based images from google or bing.
But they must be cartoon based like the images below.


After you have made your images.
You must include a list of all tools, or filters you used to make it.
On your post. (And it would be nice if it said something like "This is an entry.")

Contest ends when 50 people post entries!
Enjoy making these!


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So you basically want us to create you a signature and yet you have not specified what dimensions you need it to be.
50 ENTRIES??? the sites popular but not that much mate sadly (i mean regular punters)
oK THEN 10 Entries, And the idea is that you get to pick the dimensions You want to make it in!
Sounds fishy. And looks like no onr wanted to really do this.

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Tools you cannot use:
Any thing that states "Saturation" in it.
Any "circular" brush.

There is no way of checking this, and what a ridiculous thing to say!What shaped brushes can people use to draw with then.
I don't understand why if people wanted to do a competition, they don't go to admin, give them the prize through paypal if monetary or something, because this just looks like a waste of time.
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