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Lucyd Artwork Competition with big prize pool!


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Hello community!

Lucyd, a quite new AR blockchain company, usually wants to deliver you the finest eyewear and smartglasses.
And today we are happy to announce an artwork competition that gives you the target to craft visual digital content for the use by our community.

The prize pool for this contest consists of $100 in the shape of gift cards for our eShop and a total of 18,000 LCD, the native cryptocurrency that fuels the upcoming ecosystem for our smartglasses.

We don't want to limit your creativity unnecessarily, so a broad variety of entries are accepted like memes, gifs, animations, beautiful pictures and so on.

I will share the link to the competition site here when I got the green light by the admin team.
The period for submitting your entries ends at 06-Feb-2019 23:59 (UTC-5).


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Got the greenlight by IamSam, thank you! But I cannot edit the above post, so I will post it here:

If you are interested to participate, please follow this link and check the details: Twitter Announcement
and if you want to know for which nice glasses you can spend these gift cards you can check this: Lucyd eShop
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