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Speed Art/Time-lapse contest with prizes :)


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Here is link to a speed art/time-lapse contest I'm doing. Thought I'd share with you all. I apologize for the way I sound. It was late and I was trying to keep my voice down. Hope you all have fun and hope to see some of you enter. :cheesygrin:

1st place: 2 months in sub box, channel upload, website upload, shout out, product off my website for free.

2nd place: 1 month in sub box, channel upload, shout out.

3rd place: Channel upload, shout out.

Rules & Info
End Date: September 18th.

Must be done as a time-lapse or Progression.
Time-lapse needs to be under 6mins or under.
No Copying Others.
No copyrighted music or music with profanity.
Leave your video as a video response.