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Challenge #36 - PSG, the album!


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Good morning PSGers, it's competition time again! Thanks again to everyone who took part in and voted in last month's contest. :thumbsup:

Without further ado, I will announce that this month's contest theme is:

If the Photoshop Gurus community was a band, what would our album cover look like?

That's right, design an album cover using any techniques and tools you wish. You may draw ideas and inspiration from any music genre or artistic style. Lampoon an existing album, or make something up from scratch. Serious, funny, abstract, realistic, it's entirely up to you!

The least that is required is a standard square CD/LP cover image, but remember the other elements of physical media - sleeve note booklet, back cover, the CD print, vinyl sleeves, whatever extras you want to add, feel free. What would our "band" be called? What title would the album have?

The contest will run until Thursday, April 14 at midnight GMT after which voting will take place for one week.

Please attach your entries to the SUBMISSION THREAD (link pending) and stick to this thread for general discussion.

Good luck and have fun!
This is a good one. And a very challenging one at that. Thanks for coming up with this, @Helios.

OK FOLKS... there you have it. Grab your talent scout thinking caps and have your PSG Idol face on...


It ain't 98000° that's for sure......



.... and just in case you need the standard dimensions of a cd cover ...
...The contest will run until 11.59pm on Friday 15th April...
According to who? :biglaff:

What time zone are we relating this deadline to?
(And, just curious, but, why 11.59 ?) :confused:

From the desk of executives at OUTTATUN RECORDS' A&R ( Arthritis and Rheumatism ) Department ....


You have 7 more days to complete and submit your cover designs.

Don't let finger joint pains hinder you from completing your art work on time and before the deadline......

Oh just FYI MrTom, I said 11.59pm so there could be no confusion about which midnight is meant - some people say midnight on the 14th would be when we tick over from the Thursday to the Friday (that is how I always look at it), but others might say it's at the beginning of Thursday, when we tick over from the Wednesday. These people are insane. :p
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Ah.....good thinking. :thumbsup:

I would see it as Thursday to Friday too but I can see how it may mean the other.

I've previously stated a challenge closing date in hours from the date of the post.....as in 'You have x hours from the date of this post'.....then it doesn't matter where you are...'x' hours is 'x' hours...simples.

Anyway, thanks for the info.

You should have submitted the whole set of images for this challenge. This would have had an even greater impact.
Eggy, your work is based on a very clever idea, and moreover, it is executed in the finest quality.
An extraordinary work I greatly admire.
Thanks Chris!

Unfortunately the challenge was an album, not a set.
I liked the graphic reference (RGB) and the matching elements.
The 3 together are stronger of course.
I could not resist posting the trio...
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