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  1. Z

    Request: Changing hair color on album cover

    Hey I was wondering if you could do a edit of the Witness Album cover by Katy Perry. I want instead of blonde hair to be Black hair. Album cover: Examples of the black hair: Thanks :)
  2. E

    help with psychedelic filters and glitch on portraits

    Any tips on how to achieve this kind of glitch. what filter should I use? and also this one tame impala's album cover lonerism
  3. S

    Create an Album Cover?

    Hello! Would it be possible for someone to turn this in to something that looks like an album cover for a band called 'The Four Planners'? It's just a bit of a laugh for some work colleagues so feel free to be creative!!!! Thanks in advance, Joe.
  4. F

    Create an album cover for fictitious 80s heavy metal hair band called Pinocchio.

    So let me give you come context... Back in the 80s me and my friends were into such bands as Bon Jovi and Cinderella (who only had a couple hits such as Nobody's Fool)... We had a friend who was very gullible so we convinced him there was a band called "Pinocchio" and we made fun of him for...
  5. B

    Logic - Under Pressure album recreation

    Hi, I was wondering if someone can photoshop my face onto the logic album cover art for under pressure. Replace the face that is on the cover with my face and hair, but keep the colors. I know this will probably be pretty hard. Thank you so much to anyone who gives it a try. I'm just...
  6. I

    Where to download PSD album templates 3x30

    Hello, i created some templates in photoshop, all with layers, but i want to now if someone knows a site where i can download some. i already created 20 because that's all i need for an wedding album. but maybe i can find some great ones on the web also or maybe you have some done by yourself? ?
  7. Z

    Need help fitting album art into my CD cover.

    Okay, so I have these two pictures that go into an album cover, front and back (along with the two sides of the case), and I only get one shot at printing both of the images (library printer). Here are the two photos: Right. So I imagine since the second image has both sides of the CD as...
  8. M

    Album art/cd cover

    Hey guys I'm designing an album/ cd cover for a friend, you guys can take a look, and iv'e done one before but with 2d text, the text that is shown is created from cinema 4d with a resolution of 300dpi. so would i be best off doing a 3d text with illustrator as it'd come out better for printing...
  9. dv8_fx


    A big Thanks to Helios for coming up with this challenge... Challenge #36 - PSG, the album! OK, restless natives..... HERE WE GO.... Welcome to OUTTATUN RECORDS. Post your demo entries here.... All submissions will be hidden and can only be viewed during the voting period. If you have...
  10. Helios

    Challenge #36 - PSG, the album!

    Good morning PSGers, it's competition time again! Thanks again to everyone who took part in and voted in last month's contest. :thumbsup: Without further ado, I will announce that this month's contest theme is: If the Photoshop Gurus community was a band, what would our album cover look like...
  11. dv8_fx


    TO ALL PARTICIPATING MEMBERS..... As an incentive to those who take part in the ADVANCED Challenges, the winning entry will be featured in the forum's Facebook page as its cover photo image. For those taking part in the BASIC Challenges, the winning entries will be uploaded into the FB...
  12. rambomhtri

    Questions about replacing colors and stuff

    Hi, I was trying to create an album art using an already existing album art that is almost identical. This is the high quality album art: And the album art I want to create is this one: That orange right there is this one: # f96000 What I do is use the "Replace color..." tool in the Image...
  13. T

    Replicating this Texture Hello everyone, I was wondering if you guys could help me out on how this artist did the texture on the album cover...
  14. P

    Easy Photoshop challenge/request

    I am looking for someone to Photoshop the animated cloud background on Drake's last album onto a picture of me. I am hoping to make it look the same as his and duplicate his Album cover. Attached are both pictures including one with Drake taken out. Kind regards, -Phillip
  15. Paul

    Classic album cover revisited

    Reading this article about how a design house remade these iconic album sleeves/covers: These are the iconic album covers that have been reimagined to give a 'bigger picture' of what they could have been. Designers at digital media agency Aptitude created them to showcase their content...
  16. Positronic

    [Critique] 80's faux-album cover

    Another make-believe album cover for an 80's band.
  17. S

    Album Cover Artwork

    Hello, Im looking for someone to help me complete my album artwork. I am willing to pay. Please message me for details. Thank you
  18. TravisHD

    Album Recreation - Skrillex

    I was assigned to recreate an album cover of my choice for my advanced image manipulation class at the Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham. I chose Skrillex – More Monsters and Sprites – Original Album Cover Here.
  19. A

    Arc's septembers album cover designs

  20. A

    Arc music's august album covers